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  1. I said almost the same exactly a month ago. Click Here It seems people enjoy normal siege alot more, because of the MP regeneration.
  2. This is not true. MS & DH together is not even 1/5th of the total server population. The problem is that all the smaller clans are not sticking together and are staying inside their own clans with just 1 to 5 parties each. Chronos alone all random clans outnumber MS 1 to 5 easily. Sunshine/Netflix/Ashura/Pirates/Crows/FS and alot more smaller ones. There is enough room for them to create an alliance with 3x120 players in it and finally start to be a threat. Look at HTH being a 1 man army clan by himself (boring). It's because alot of players have different view of how to play this game the
  3. I don't understand Nova's obsession about whether or not to give Zureill the Dragon Claws back. I don't see what this has to do with any of the actions between NCsoft and Truffle in this Topic. It shows how stupid you all really are. Your boss gives you a bonus for your hard work. He comes back a month later and claims your bonus back. Will you do the same and give it back what has already been spend? Hell no. Given is gone. It does not matter who, or for what reasons took the Dragon Claws. It has been undone by the GM's, yet you are still crying like the little kids you are in multiple Lineag
  4. I could not have said it better myself. GJ
  5. I think it's very sad how many players ignore the material at hand and don't properly reflect back and evaluate all the facts and arguments in this particular topic. You should take in account the context in which it happened, the time frame over a span of three weeks and the amount of not 1, not 2, not 3, but 5 GM's have responded to this particular reimbursement Support Ticket from Truffle. You would almost think that 90% of the GM Staff all together agreed to make this change in the first place. To be honest as casual player, it very much disturbs, actually shocking to see 5 different NCwes
  6. Side Note: Considering the Screenshots Truffle has provided us about the original Support Ticket. Where you can see there are multiple GM's that have responded in this Ticket. This automatically means the fault can't be that simple, one GM's fault, but a complete TEAM of GM's, atleast two maybe more who agreed to this orignal change !!!!!! This is exausting indeed Conguero.
  7. Alot of 'Whales' in Discord & Whatsapp saying they are quitting, unless NCwest comes with a much better solution. Since there are only losing sides right now. Knowing NCwest it will take another two weeks for them to respond properly again.
  8. Strike 1: Reading Bad News in the Online News Paper (L2 Forums) before communcating with the affected Player is very low standard even for NCsoft; Strike 2: Refunding only 1.000 Gemstone (R-grade), while NCoins, Adena and alot more items and resources were being consumed on a couple of new Characters while being allowed to use the Stage 2 Lindvior Thrower for nearly three weeks, due to GM decision, is another low blow by NCsoft; Strike 3: Allowing this DRAMA to continu for nearly three weeks has a, and I quote from Conguero himself, a even larger negative impact on this community,
  9. Well that escalated quickly. It's a fact they are refunding both Items or NCoins occasionally. All you need is a solid context/arguments. I already know for a fact they don't refund anything above 90-days, since their logfiles don't track anything above this number. Also, if you buy a Skybox you will receive extra VIP options. Why anyone believes with online games it's any difference? Don't look at me I only spend average $10 a day in the times when I had to EXP.
  10. 3 bows Truffle, Truffle GF and Truffle BFF. Meanwhile other Players are trying to figure out why their R-grade Soulshots are not working with these weapons.
  11. Just put a Red Libra NPC - Dragon Trader for 14-days and get it over with. It aint that hard. This way any random can exchange their useless Dragon Claw weapons temporary. Stage 1 Antharas for any other Stage 1 Antharas. Stage 2 Valakas for any other Stage 2 Valakas. Excluded: Antharas Stage 2 for Valakas/Lindvior type weapon Stage 2. You got the general idea. I don't mind it at all.
  12. Forget about it. There is no need to repeat yourself over and over. Those randoms ignore nearly every constructive post about it already. They still don't see nor fully understand the reasons about the full context and it's solid arguments from your point of view. They only see their side of the story. I bet the ones crying in this Topic are the ones with Stage 1/2 Cutters/Slashers/Shooter and Dual Blunt from years ago, since they are totally useless and dissapointed mass-PvP weapons. I can't believe anyone else with a Trower/Fist/Dagger/Caster/Buster is crying in here about it. I st
  13. Corruption and Reinbursement are two different things. The Player already owned all the Materials and the Fragment before hand. It's ok, if you don't understand it. Yes it is the best. I already spoke to some Dragon Claw Stage 1 & 2 users outside our Clan and they want to downgrade their Dragon Claw weapons so they can sell all the materials to the highest bidder, since there is a HUGE demand for them now there are like 100 Fragments in the market. $$$ nom nom nom ideal moment. Meanwhile it's a matter of time they will introduce the Dragon Claw upgrade materials
  14. I love all the drama players are making in our Community about a simple in-game refund. Where were you all when players blew up their +14/15/16/17/18/19/20 weapons during the Themis Card event and got them refunded afterworths? Where were you when all those players got their Lv.3/4 Jewelry switched between Characters on the same Account? Where were you when those Elemental Shirts +9/10 got switched between Characters on the same Account? Where were you when Players got refunded their Augments on the Cloaks the first time? You see the irony? You all fail to realize the real picture here. You al
  15. To be honest in light of recent events I don't mind that NCwest adds an event NPC - Dragon Claw Weapons Trader in Town for a limited one-time offer for (14-days). It will be an one-time only exclusive event where any player who already owns a Stage 1/2/3 Dragon Claw can downgrade it back to a fragment with full reimbursement of all the materials being used. 14-days should be enough for those Players in question to purchase a new Dragon Claw fragment on the market and use the returned materials to upgrade the Dragon Claw weapon of their own choosing. Let them be creative. Like the permanent Hei
  16. LOOL Are you serious with this post? What other players??? You act like there are 10 or more players running around with Stage 3 Dragon Claw Weapons. You and me both know we can count them with just one of my little fingers - it's lPeppinio. You made me laugh with your post. Other players asked for the same treatment. When its just one Feoh Class with a Stage 3 Valakas Caster. I am shocked reading this post. A Feoh Class that wants a downgrade from Stage 3 back to Stage 2? Wow are you serious? If you dont know how to play with an Stage 3 Mage AoE Weapon. better delete Lineage 2 from your
  17. All I see is Clueless Players with Clueless Rumors. It's a matter of time the Dragon Claws itself will be added in a future event like in the other regions. You think this will be the only Dragon Weapon Fragment event? I doubt. Also considering the amount of materials you need to upgrade them, I wont be seeing anyone else except MS upgrading them in Chronos. Simply because none else is actively farming RAIDS unlike HTH, Tevas and Truffle. Since new Anti-Cheat programs is comming soon no AFK-spoiler parties in other farming regions aswell. Materials from Crafting Boxes from Fishing ev
  18. Avast Antivirus Logitech Gaming Software Killer Control Center GeForce Experience Discord Teamspeak Steam Uplay Origin NoxPlayer BlueStacks Roblox Player Epic Games Launcher
  19. Just imagine every Clan that owns a Castle will obtain 20 Dark Eternal Enhancement stones per cycle and 100 Clan Tokens. With these Clan Tokens, the Clan Leader can purchase PvP-exclusive items for Clan members per NPC inside a Castle (NCwest exclusive Castle Reward System). 1 Token = Lv.1 Brooch Jewelry selection Box, 10 Tokens = Lv.3 Jewelry selection Box, 50 Tokens = Lv.4 Jewelry selection Box, 100 Tokens = Lv.7 Elemental Shirt selection Box, 400 Tokens = Dark Amaranthine Enhance Stone, etc etc etc You got the picture. I think I like the idea. No more 1 CP Clans. Clans will need t
  20. I love the useless drama about Brooch Jewels, Dark Weapons and Dark sets. Alot of Players are missing the general picture in here. Out of the ~15 Dragon Claw weapons divided over 3 Servers, only 2 showed up at Dimensional Siege previous time. Alot of Players do have Brooch Jewels, Dark Weapons and Dark sets, but simply refuse to show up at Dimensional Sieges, because it's time wasting, due to many factors. Rewards is on of them. Allegiances cross-servers is another. Occasionally scripts, when there is none at all, seriously. Players give up to fast when they are on the loosing side. I simply d
  21. NCwest should take the following in consideration, I suggest to close the Dimensional Castle Siege with upcomming update. It surpassed it's usefulness in current state of mind of this game. I suggest to re-open regular Castle Sieges on every Sunday instead. It seems Players do enjoy them alot more then the Dimensional Sieges. On each Server: Randomly pick a Castle owner with every Maintenance to receive '20 Dark Eternal Enhancement Stones'. Randomly pick a Castle owner with every first Maintenance of the month to receive '1 Dark Amaranthine Enhancement Stone'. So no matter the c
  22. I totally agree. It is absolutely not worth it, unlike the stats from the Cloaks and Radiant Circlets, which in turn give back a ton of stats more for the same amount of money and thus worth the investment by far, unlike this stupid overpriced Promo with the Rare Brooch. I already made up my mind not spend a single dollar on this stupid Promo. I will reconsider playing this Promo, only when these prices and the amount of needed Gemstone Powders drop by considerable alot as EU standards. Most Players know I am a decent wale, if needed, but not of late. I used to spend average ~$10 per day a who
  23. I wondered why he wasted Rose Buff on AFK Players all the time.
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