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  1. Best place for lvl 30 spoiler?

    Find another server, drop and spoil in this server is broken
  2. The adena drop is WRONG from lvl 20 since yesterday. Mobs are dropping adena in a 7 to 10% of chance. Completely broken
  3. No adena = Server dying

    Mate, i have killed 50 mobs in the last 20 minutes. Only 3 mobs dropped adena!!!! They SERIOUSLY need to fix whatever they changed yesterday, unless they want people to massively leave the game!
  4. Mobs between lvl 40 and 50 drop 150-180 adena, WTF???? Insane
  5. No adena = Server dying

    I am saying that the percentage of login they represent is huge compared to some weeks ago. Oh, and also, i forgot to mention something in the main post. In the last da i have seen and checked that the drop has been significantly reduced after yesterday patch. In my specific case, i have a vip lvl 3 account and i have noticed that about 40 to 50% o mobs are dropping adena. So we are worst than 3 days ago
  6. No adena = Server dying

    Not really, it's mainly explained for boxes, bots and fishing afks. Look at Aden server for example, now it is at "Heavy" status, but the real user login has been significantly harmed in the last week.
  7. Mods and players, I'm afraid the current state of the server is harming, step by step, the log-in of real players who entered the game looking for a decent slow server. In my particular case, i saw 4 friends leaving the game, at least, until the situation is solved. The adena and spoil drops are completely broken, making the server a simple pay to win by buying adena with cash. How is it possible that you are allowing this? It is unbearable!!! Right now, i have tested all the spots for lvl and farming adena up to lvl 40. The only place profitable is Orc Barracks, because its the only spot in which mobs x2/x3/x4 have the adena with the same x2/x3/x4 increase. Also, how it is possible that a 30 lvl spot drops more adena than all spots up to lvl 50? Nonsence I really hope, for the sake of the server, that you take measures to fix this and set the adena to x1 and not this horrible broken thing. If not, i regret to say that the server will die in no more than a month when players quit due to their frustration. Thanks for taking your time to read this! Saphira

    Guys, The Hunt of the Black Lion quest in Dion is bugged and this is terrible! It's the main quest for making some adena between lvl 25 and 40!!! This quest should deliver a quesst drop named "cargo box", which should be opened with the npc paying 650a. After this, it should deliver items that value between 500a and 5k (80% chances the box has something). I've tried looking for this boxes in all the 4 spots and no one drops it!!!! How should we make adena withought the C1 quests??? Impossible! Please fix this!!!
  9. Any news about fixing the Grim Collector quest (reward of skeletons should be 2k adena instead of 100a) And also, hunt off the black lion, quesst in execution ground is BUGGED, it doesnt drop any CARGO BOX!!!
  10. Grim Collector Quest - Reward is bugged

    Cmon admins!!! There is any news about this Fix? We need some quest over lvl 15 to make adena!!! Also the Hunt of the Black Lion doesnt drop the Cargo Box, so both quests in Gludio and Dion are useless. Dead cities for training!

    Its not bugged, i have obtained several items. The problem comes with the reward, which is 100a per skeleton (WTF), when it always has been 2k-5k adena
  12. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    FIX the Grim Collector Quest reward!!! Risking and making full skeletons should be giving between 2k and 5k adena, when now it gives less than selling the spare parts (seriously, only 100adena, WTFF)
  13. Please, fix the Grim Collector quest at Gludio! Reward for skeletons should be between 2k-5k adena!
  14. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    Please, fix the Grim Collector quest!!! Complete skeletons give 100a when they should give 2000a!!! It's so broken that selling the spare parts gives more adena lol!
  15. Adena guide for newbies ;)

    Is that the same of the free ss and sps?