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  1. Hey friend. Go try out the spider quest in the Dark Elven Village. It's the guy behind the Grocery Store. It gives 3.2k and is repeatable. It's the main quest people are grinding atm for money.
  2. I didn't say there weren't exceptions to the rule.
  3. You are so upset about a game not being exactly what you wanted on launch in 2018... give them time to fix it. They aren't slaves. If they don't fix or address the issue by regular maintenance on Wednesday, then that's when I would start to get a little upset. These issues go beyond Juji and Hime. Most likely they are in a meeting with leadership as we speak.
  4. I run an IT consulting/contracting firm. Trust me, I know the industry. And it's filled with a bunch of burn outs and divorcees. You are probably young (< 40 years old). Don't go with the flow. Make your own path. You'll enjoy it a lot more. Oh and you get paid even more handsomely when you branch off into your own thing Mr. Moneybags
  5. I feel bad for you son. But I guess it's part of the instant gratification era we have created. Probably also what causes a lot of half-assed solutions to problems. At my work, we take a night to address the problem. Oftentimes, we come up with a solution from a completely different direction than initially proposed. Better work. Happier employees. Happier customers. But hey, you keep doing what you think needs to be done in corporate America. Just don't come crying to me when you are 40 years old, burnt out on life with an ex-wife and two kids who hate you because you chose work over them.
  6. How can people be saying everything is fine, when some of the big money making quests are literally not in the game...?
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