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  1. Same here, but I lost a lot of time, my 50% was rune wasted!
  2. Sorry friend. Xincode is the worst software ever
  3. This is new! Adena was tranfer by email or face to face?
  4. Yes! Some weeks ago i was thinking like you, why botters are crying. Now i know that they are not botters , just legal people banned by a Software that didnt work! Ban real people and let the bots in game!
  5. Yes! We have a 4 pages post with lof of complains about FALSE POSITIVES (locked accounts) and NO ANSWER! It is INSANE!!!! https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/9845-banned-accounts/?page=4
  6. A lot issues with locked account and non answer!!!!
  7. i was reading today an account lvl 1 with 0 %exp was banned. r u kidding me?
  8. Please all read this: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/9845-banned-accounts/ We have the same problem; there are a lot of FALSE POSITIVIES. Please join your post with us in the link. It is insane! Alot of false positivies and their just send "automatic" answer when your write to appeal.
  9. Porque no te creaste una cuenta nueva con otro correo? Asi evitabas las molestias
  10. Any news? We need a official answer in this case , a "we are investigating" "we are working on it" will be the correct way. A silence is very disrespectful with the community who always supported this game!
  11. The support staff ? They only send automatic email to everyone who send an email to appeal. We need a solution here, we spend a lot of money in the game and we were banned for nothing!! I remember some months a go when "the staff" said that the Die exp was correctly set in 4%. And Some weeks later.. a mistake was in 10%.. So there are bugs and false positves. Please send this info to DEVS or someone who could make a REAL deep investigation not only send automatics emails to everyone. @Juji @Hime please help us with this issue. There are alot of cases and "Support Staff" in appe
  12. You can not decrese INT!!! You are a buffer! You will waste adena if you try
  13. Hi , please visit my post and comment there: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/9862-banlocked-account-false-positives/ Same problem , i want to merge all the ban lock in one threat, i think is the best way to have enough proof to demostrate that we are not botter.
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