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  1. Can you share please? Atleast in PM ?
  2. Guys... it is fake. Why whould 52 lvls farm 30 lvl spot? Why would dwarf use duals? It is simple addon or smth, just changed textures. Or it is gm. :-) Relax where is no one who have b grade top weapon.
  3. It is chinese acc or w/e korean idk what language is this. Im pretty sure he paid 2$ for 5kk. ?
  4. While u need 10 steel to create items, ofc it is not that bad, but later on u need 1k animals bone... You will be able only to take 1 from spoil. Have fun.
  5. Well, if so.. we'll just wait. Few days wont make any diffrence.
  6. Well. Our cp with 9 ppl leaving for now. Until they fix drops/spoil. Problem is not in that we dont have adena or gear. We have that. Problem is other people wont play here. In the end, at lvl 60+ only few cp's gonna be, we will fight each other, but most ppl dont play in CP and they dont manage their adena and mats income. They will just leave the server . So WE dont see any point playing the game for now since in the end we wont have with who to play with. You will see soon people that where is few cps are 50 lvl +- and others will hit wall at 40 and just leave ) Peace.
  7. Can you chill ppl already? Lineage dev team knows issues, give them time to fix stuff. Those things cant be done in 2h properly. JUST CALM DOWN and let them do their job. Peace ^^
  8. Hi all. So question is: Why when you kill mob, the adena drops instantly in your invetory? Why they removed that it drops on ground and u go pick up it. Why I'm asking this because it will make BOT adena farmers live harder. Less adena gained in hour since they need run to the corpse and pick it up. I can't see any " - " here only "+" P.s.also it is fun to see area filled with adena and u just go and pick it up ?
  9. Later on, after 40 lvl you will have skill. You will be able to convert soul ore in to beats soulshots, it will be cheaper, around 40adena each, still expensive tho )
  10. First of all, she is a nice streamer Secondly. you can see everything with your eyes, how drop rates where lowered, not talking even about exp... but adena... ........... Have a nice day.
  11. depends on your race. If you are orc, I suggets you to hunt bear, but u need to take quest in village ( sorry Im can't link that quest right now ) same for dark elf village. Others vilages for human, dwarfs i can't say, dont know. Tomorrow when I will be online, I can write u pm with SS and show u where those quest can be taken.
  12. trust me, u are not losing much, even better, since ppl who play, they all so fed up and angry on NCSOFT that they just gonna leave that game, and u, the ppl who can't play actually, are lucky one, u will come when everything will be fixed and live happy life just trustm, u are not losing much Most of the people stuck on lvl 15-23 anyway )
  13. Oh men, this is why I dont like NCSOFT, people like u, no offence, new comers, they dont understand, they come, they lvl up, waste adena on SS, and then they ( you ) just leave, because NCSOFT failed..I'm sorry for u. But u dont have to waste adena on SS, u have to farm quest with adena. And advice for me, just wait for fix, if rates will be changed, have fun playing, it will be much more easier, for now, just relax. You wont like this game ( this experience ) since it is just broken. They should have made that when u hit lvl 20 u would afford some mid non grade weapon + armor and ss and lvl u
  14. 40$-100k adena. Daaamn hahahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA..... oh... gotta love this...
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