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  1. bump x9000 this small thing will absolutely demolish the game - let alone 50+ other things ;\
  2. l2.bin not responding

    bump, seems to be an ongoing issue during certain times of the day for MANY users. Have 4 clan members with same exact issue, same exact time (server side?) since day before patch. @Hime @Juji
  3. l2.bin not responding

    bump, need a fix for this! @Hime@Juji
  4. Disconect

    I get DC'ed when i SOE/unstuck back to town + alt tab.
  5. Drop rate

    Not bs. thank god
  6. Drop rate

    You're doing something wrong - I had lg D weapon a few days into the game before they fixed adena rates in these areas. Not to mention i go can go start a new character, get it to level 20 in about 1-2hrs and have anywhere from 200-300k on them. If you dis-like the rates, please, go play a different game or server. Its not the rates that are going to kill this game (we all came here knowing full well it will be a grind for levels AND items), whats going to kill the game is toxic players like you demanding them to make changes. Either adapt or gtfo.