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  1. anyone having trouble buying nccoin?
  2. Your clearly missing the point. The cap should be there as it keeps people generally in line, that’s why games release content as players progress. When people like fishfood PAY people to play their accounts and exp them so they can be lvl 76+ it creates a HUGE advantage for them, unlike the common player. Plus, when a company says it’s capped at 70, people would be inclined to believe them, but since ncsoft doesn’t do any tests what’s so ever because they don’t care about their player base it makes people mad and quit
  3. First response in the new year, must’ve been nice holidays. however, you’ve been wrong on just about everything this server has been, so should we start believing you now?
  4. If you don’t want to roll it back - ban the people who are paying people to level them 24/7, that’s the real problem. There is no way legit people would be 75+. Fishfood cp is expoing 24/7 by paying drivers to level them. Not fun not hard for ncsoft to figure it out either, they just don’t want to
  5. @Hime @Juji Your lack of communication is incredible. Are you going to cap the levels or not, first you said it was capped at 70, you obviously didn’t test it, so then you said it was content capped at 70, but there’s toi mobs that are 74+, so virtually we can exp to 80+. Just tell your player base straight up you can’t do anything or do something, people are quitting daily because of this, the game is ruined by a few groups who share accounts and exp 24/7 and are level 75+. The holidays are over it’s time to nut up and stop making ncsoft look like a complete joke.
  6. @Hime can you confirm wether 76lvl can complete third class change or not? just want to know wether to quit now from the people who share accounts or not (fishfood cp)
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