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  1. Hey man, I think I gave you my spot last night in Ant nest. I’ve been farming that spot for the past week and have made about 2 million adena gross (not counting mats, but including a full drop). I only have a warcryer box, but he costs no adena to use. I’ve been spending money on haste pots, antidotes from the shop (not greater antidotes) and SSD. I also used VR stews that I fished. As a tyrant I still come out ahead. I would give it a shot. I stopped hunting there since they’re all light blue (at 42). It’s such a great spot because the warrior captains were dropping 400-600 adena. I also got
  2. What are the possible items from the weapon supply box?
  3. This is 100% false. You can certainly craft D fists. I see recipes for Bich’Hwa and Scallop Jamadhr sitting in town right now.
  4. Many mobs are weak to blunt, such as mobs in Cruma. This is one advantage to using the blunt weapon.
  5. I chose light but wish I would have chosen heavy. We don't get the Agile Movement passive at 20 nor 40. I wish I could trade my light for the heavy now. I need the extra p.def and the evasion from light doesn't help much.
  6. This is a concern for me as well. The whole reason I picked light armor from the Moon Knight quest was because I expected the Agile Movement passive. Without this passive, the light armor selection is pointless. I wish I could trade my Moon Knight light for heavy armor. Heavy armor P.Def would serve my Tyrant much better.
  7. D grade weapons in the shop are 1,500,000. 1,500,000 / 75 = 20,000. For not having to buy yourself a weapon, you can use all that money to buy 20,000 beast shots. Sounds fair to me.
  8. You speak about going back and doing things the "old way". The old way included boxed accounts. It has always been a reality in Lineage 2. Those "BOX / BACKPACKS / PET" dancing in the city are the ones funding this endeavor. Without them, there would not be a FREE option at all. As much as the pom pom dancing animation on human mages annoys me, in the back of my mind I know that they are supporting this server, so it doesn't bother me. I understand it's not fun sitting in a queue. There is a solution, and it's called VIP. For $5, you can maintain VIP 1 for FIVE MONTHS by spending 80 NCoin
  9. You can't use the bot report button in town or other safe areas.
  10. Oh come on, don't be that naive. There are so many factors at play. Your argument assumes that everyone who uses the bot report button is doing so because they legitimately think someone is a bot. You failed to factor in the malicious aspect of people using the bot report to have an advantage over other players, such as enemies at war, revenge, etc. You also failed to factor that "multiple" users could be the same person on boxed accounts or friends who could abuse it together. The world is not black and white, neither is this game. Some people will do anything to gain an advantage,
  11. This is what seems to be true. It's a technical issue on NCSoft's part, not some ploy to get people to buy VIP. @Danny and others that are in disbelief think it's all a conspiracy to get them to buy VIP
  12. This is untrue. By that logic, you're considering the queue to be fake. How does that benefit anyone? It's not some conspiracy to get everyone on VIP.
  13. Yes, and I do get disconnected at the server select screen.
  14. Might as well test it while I'm waiting to get into the game
  15. Here's how I think it's working: Login -> Login Server creates a session for you. At this point, your session timer has started (Let's say 00:00). Play Game button pushed. (00:05) The game is launched with the session token. When game is finished launching, it connects to the login server with the token. (00:20) Accept the ToS. (00:22) Select Talking Island and click "OK" (00:25) At this point, the queue will steadily decrease since everyone will either have joined the Game Server, or will have been disconnected due to their session timer expiring a
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