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  1. Account Suspension

    they suspended my account without telling me the reason, after 2 days without playing they re-enabled me but they will not let me login ... below I am the email that left me GM Kairun (Lineage 2) Mar 8, 16:13 PST Hello, We're completed investigating the matter and verified that your account was not directly involved in this incident. Therefore, we have removed the restriction on your account and you can play normally by now. We apologize for keeping your account being suspended while we are investigating and also, we have added 400 NCoin to your account for the inconvenience this investigation may have caused you. Lastly, we have replenished the XP Rune III (Lv. 1-100+) 200% Pack (7-day) that was wasted due to this incident. You will see it within 24 hours. Regards, GM Kairun NCSOFT Support Team
  2. Client will close now

    Could you enlarge the number of players on the server talking and rotate?