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  1. I would like to know how long they will continue with their goal of harming the average player, again they fail, now an event harming the yull, using 4 top archers that do not generalize the reality of all the yull, today again it's time to play olys against everyone with a dragon weapon and I must decide whether to use the dragon weapon or use it to farm since I will only get 1 every 3 days, again another error from such a terrible lineage 2 administrators.....All classes can farm anywhere with exalted items, the yull is the only class that needs at least 200b to be able to kill mobs in a low
  2. where is the error there? There is nothing illegal, before asking for measures against players for this, because you are hurt with the ban of ms, you must send a request to modify it, lower and lower you are falling ...
  3. I do not understand why Divekio wants this ... maybe he does not remember that ProPve with only 5 members crushed the entire clan in siege Giram and wants to declare war ... very rare
  4. At some point think to fix the skill of fear, horror, sleep that having full epicas you enter 100%?
  5. when they fixed the teleport while in combat mode? it's really annoying that people are flagged or pk and use teleport freely
  6. Could you enlarge the number of players on the server talking and rotate?
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