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  1. haha i got only anniversary coins
  2. i dont want to spam but maby this link will work https://files.fm/thumb_show.php?i=fznfszps&view
  3. and idk how to link here photo
  4. i dont know what the jury was guided by , choosing those actualy screenshots but i se here further more likly to win than those which they choose and the worst pictures are those with adena + other stuff writinggs but...lol... no comment
  5. to GM's U guys are ridiculus u cant setup server setings that it work properly??? if i would ur boss would find new crew, all worked fine during last exp event no queue no lags and after last maintense when u ended exp event u get back to horrible setting with queue and lags. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so when we will have another recompensation pack ???
  6. u are ridiculous NC west im paying for prestige pack and im now 333 place to log in i will wait now 2-3h to login???? my CP start in 1h i won'tbe on time loool make some VIP status at least that some ppl wont wait half day to log in thru all those mackro afk toons and create new normal serwer maby some toon will move there and make again restriction to 3 account looged from 1 PC
  7. where i can exchange legendary scrolls for high grade legendary scroll and how many are needed ?
  8. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/15

    still can't log in
  9. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    i can't log in from last thursday or even weddnesday that means from last server maintense i have still freya enchants to use a lot of enchants and sticks i wanted to enchant so i hope you extend the event becouse i payed for this freya packs and cant use them beside im paying for prestige too and cant use it a cubic for example 5 days already lost so i hope for some compensation and extending the event till u resolve the problem!!!!!
  10. All chat goes to general chat

    I have the same issue all chats goes to general character name: DrwaluHas server Naia but my other characters that i have can write normaly on all chats
  11. what SA a wynn should have?

    y thats what i wnant to know also i dont know which SA would be best, wynn is hard class his summons power should depends from Inteligence and m.attack becouse it is magic class but its not, if it would, everything would be much easier for wynns so im also w8ting for answer