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  1. This is some kind of joke ?, For every problem they have and do not know how to solve, they give us an event that does nothing but break the market? I'm from gludio, where we are 1200 online, of which 400 are bots and 400 are dual boxes ... we accept the fact that they do not care about the drop xp / adena / items. We accept that they only modified Cruma, ant nest, orc barracs, abandoned camp, enchanted valley, and the rest of the map is for decoration. But I find it disrespectful, that having login problems, they want to solve it with an 85% pay to win event, and a couple of angel cats .. Wit
  2. Dissapointed... just that.. https://imgur.com/R5S9k7u Why i wait ... thats why... for nothing,, 3 days without play! NICE ONE
  3. O M G! I WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT FOR WHAT! https://imgur.com/R5S9k7u https://imgur.com/R5S9k7u
  4. yea wow.... in just 30 min my queue down from 500 to 470!! REALLY NICE -.-
  5. yea, but creater characters to fish?... and leave them fishing for days?... did you go to harbors?
  6. I really dont know if the admins read this kind of msgs.. but... there is 2 solutions... RESTART THE SERVER OR BAN AFK 24HS ON. I see lot of videos about fishing and 96hs game playings ... DO SOMETHING
  7. J4nk3n

    Server queue

    i'm trying for at least 2 days... and i still cant play...
  8. I want to stop playing ... queue 3000 and 12 hours of waiting ... I still can not play ... it is so obvious that you have to pay to play ... and not even ... afk fishing, dual box 5 acc by computer ... without restart, how do you expect people to play... any answer,
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