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  1. Total agree, nice dmg, personal ud for 30 sec, and Immobilize for 1 min !! little too much, in my opinion
  2. In my opinion like always source of problem are ppl. Ncsoft let them log more account so they start to log 10, 20 or even more toons after NC block again but they did not stop that. That why i think we have only 1 solution, put effective limit on maximum clinets log from 1 IP/Person etc(better FoToMoTo?)
  3. Just make limit on IP 3 Clients, problem solved
  4. Husaria+MAX

    If i'm not wrong RS were fighting with DH. Now Dim Siege together ? never ever I hope Basa will join us also
  5. Valakas dagger stage 2 POV

    Rly ? Go and spam on your forum section
  6. Rune down HELP US MAX

    Spam Chronos Section
  7. Dedicated to my friend Fooz and TheBlackPope

    Spam Chronos Section
  8. lPeppinios excuses....i wouldnt believe him

    Spam Chronos Section
  9. A Horror Movie....

    Wrong forum m8. Link this in Chronos section or general
  10. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    Another hypocrite detected. Go protect Lilith and Anakim with Dragon slasher from randoms player as you did before. Better sell 7s telisman after you drop to some1
  11. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    OMFG This is joke ? another month with spending dolars ? And Exe don't be hypocrite!!
  12. MorningStar Recruiting (Chronos)

    i hate to be part of this kind discussion but.. I can stand this post anymore here. Aizen/lokeren/XXVII i really want to vomit when i can see your post on naina section. I heared something like this from Dust and Coldblood, and after all they were first on boat to chronos. But whyyy?? cuz they were bored of leading clan and had some problems in cp Now go plz to chronos section stay there and don't say nothing here. Don't promise to anyone golden eggs, epic battle, and all other shit like you, Dust and your friends did before, cuz if you meet some problems you will disappear like you did on naia. Jumper is a jumper and always be a jumper. Right, Spanish.., RS, all the time almost same ppl, and always fail. They jump from clan to clan, server to server. Sorry for my eng. AND BTW i would like to see some support player with: "Supports - Level 103+ - At least +8 dark set - Abundance lvl 1 high or more - At least 30 day pack epics - Anakim Talisman/7s - At least lvl 3 or more jewel" Against PPl from nova with drako weapon JOKE or what
  13. w8 for some GM opinion..