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  1. Chronicle Pack And Vip Help

    Same here.

    How the crap can I get VIP if I can't get in-game to activate it in the first place. Even with the Prestige subscription I can't activate it on the character I made there I guess because it's a lvl1 character. If this keeps being an issue I'm getting a refund, this is honestly pissing me off. I've spent about 5 hours in total waiting in queue just to get kicked before entry every single time.
  3. The client will be closed. Continue?

    I brought the prestige pack and can't attach it to my character on Talking Island. The character doesn't show up in the Apply a Code area. I guess it's level 1 and that may be why it doesn't show up but how can I get VIP without somehow getting through the queue (which is impossible right now). I tried getting ncoins and spending 80 to get vip on another server but it didn't let me enter on Talking Island. What the crap do I do, I'm willing to spend the money for it but how do I get VIP.
  4. After the qeue end, I'm disconnected.

    Uhh I brought the subscription but I do have the same issue on Talking Island.