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  1. they buff pony it has a reason but they buff to early in our patch we need more item from nc store such as cloak +10 belt +10 accessory +10 and more talisman and vip 7 when you got 30-50 k hp it will be fun because you not getting 1 shot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4zpwEHmNgA&t=1885s
  2. it's good that you stop this event thanks god we still have some people still care for us Suggest try to give item in another way maybe make npc that every body can played once a day and randoms number 0-10000 who ever got most number win the price not have to calculate attack cake
  3. well they don't really care This is nc west and it's korea patch in this patch they need to buff pony because in korea they all have immotal epics jewely and +10 cloak +10 belt +10 hat accesory and all brooch
  4. they don't care or interesting in our pain so just quit playing
  5. zaken is shit now like a dummy trainning who is getting most dps got the item
  6. well it's not that unbalance for mass chainstrike At least tank need to run to 600 Range you can stop him by Blind skill or stunt and you cal level up your SWS to use song of purification The op is insane crusher Good AOE dps and remove buff and the most unbalance is pony this is my pov
  7. they still don't know how to do with instance teleport ppl just pk and teleport easy life
  8. stop putting your buff characters in party so everything solve only character that have same / near level with mos stayed in party
  9. they don't give a XXXX about what we facing. they didn't even think when we made a ticket . they just normal employee that already lose a passion in jobs. they didn't want thier in cares games to balance and fun what the hell is this Elemental master Magnus unicorn Instance cast Aoe / 2 Sec Cooldown / Can resummon and didn't need to rebuff or anything / Superwide range attack between user and thier summon This is a joke if you want to have fun in lineage2 you must pvp mass pvp siege and This balance make ppl need to play all Elemental master instead of class they love
  10. alot of farmer bot / macro loop use this tactic to farm adena / item from ev or farming spot for so long not getting xp mean no need to waste times to die and still got adena / item they already fix that
  11. dude don't put your high / low level from mobs in your party it's new system if you use high level to buff or not goting xp for farm without need to dead to lower your level it's wrong they fixed it already bring all toons in party same level as mobs and drop will be normal no drop from highlevel than mob +9 maybe or +11 different level in party even they are not there
  12. they just don't care anything about people facing that's it . it's not their games they just a employee do thier jobs and go back home they already lose a passion
  13. @Juji our voice never reach develop team neither juji came and see what happen about broke pvp / pk balance that make people quit server and after time by time no one there but in somewhere in my heart hope admin in this forum take this matter to develop team or atleast make it to the table
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