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  1. This is not true classic, so do not compare this hybrid to other classics. Maybe start saying that daily missions are not needed too cuz they are not the part of classic? Beast shot prices have to be lowered. You cant change my mind.
  2. Hi. Is this intended to nerf summoners this hard? Not everyone wants to play the "nuker" while being summoner. What's the point of summoners right now? Shots are way too expensive, while other classes spam shots as much as they want. Even buffer servitors are from 77 lvl. Really? Just make the prices lower because even summoning shots is insanely expensive. Right now all classes > summoners. Until you lower the prices of servitor shots summoner class is completely dead.
  3. Error after error. After I logged in only option I had is to turn off the game.
  4. Hello, NCsoft. Can you please lower beast ss prices? This makes summoners weaker than other classes because they can't use ss. Also, even if you summon ss, it's still really expensive. Can you please do something abou it?
  5. Hi, wanna sell Brigadine boots. P.m. me in game Sontori. Talking Island server.
  6. Hello, I would love to buy a mage staff for 240k. My game nick is Sontori
  7. Hi. Well, before 200 line was like 20 minutes, now it's more than 5 hours lmao.
  8. Hello peeps! I am future warlock, currently 24 level human wizard. Looking for english speaking clan! (If able, then also Lithuanian one) p.m. me in the game "Sontori" on TI server
  9. Hello everybody. I hope you're having a great time. I have a question. What is the best place to xp my human wizard at lvl 21? And what spots do you recommend me when I get higher lvl? Also, any insights about warlock class on this server? Is this class really viable? Thank you in advance!
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