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  1. I fully agree with everything XCaim wrote!
  2. This game is so Machiavellian that even an item as common as a quiver of light has only like three per server worth billions. You can get every other quiver from L2 Coin Shop but not the s-grade one. Meaning archers not only use 5x ss per shot but also have to carry arrows. In short NCWest has little to no initiative to make this game worth playing for all classes.
  3. 2kk is what I paid when it was +5.. I +6 this bow!!! He better not settle for less than 2.5kk
  4. Looking specifically to add a Bladedancer, Swordsinger and active Buffer/Healer to our ranks. Our guild is international but most players are from the U.S. Our timezone is -4:00 so our CPs have no issues with server queue or crowded exp spots. Pm. Deathdealer
  5. They should just make it free or charge a small amount of money. Like I said this feature has been implemented decades ago in all versions of Live. It's not a big deal and it would save them a lot of paying customers that are not eager or willing to wait 2 hours to play. It should be free but if they want to charge money then whatever. People should be able to move to a server with less queue instead of being forced to start over.
  6. Please do this. The servers are still early. Transfers are more complicated later on.
  7. 700+ queue wait for VIP 4? Don't want to imagine for non-vip. This can be solved with server transferring so people with absurd wait times can move to a light server. This service has been a part of Lineage ][ since the dawn of time. Enable it before people get fed up with waiting. Someone in a cyber cafe would have to rent 3 hours to play 1.
  8. Greetings! We are looking for active players to join our ranks. We are a PVP oriented guild that is currently seeking active melees (preferably VIP) that want to experience every aspect of the game. Most of us have full time jobs so while we understand RL comes first. Our only requirements are being active, being in discord and participating in the guild's activities. If interested please send a DM with your character's name, class and level.
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