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  1. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    you know vip players start to getting queue aswell?? beacuse there is limited about of reserved slots for them
  2. Server queue

    can you read any onther topic instead of spaming with new ones??? there is planty of them about the queue and stuff
  3. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    i was in queue for almost 3h and game crashed queue is now two times longer, im leaving till afk farm disable or something like this
  4. p2w is p2w

    i want to do all of it but i cant log in
  5. p2w is p2w

    its restricted by ip and youre not albe to log in more than 3 accounts, i cant even log one
  6. p2w is p2w

    so thats mean i have to pay even if i want log in and its not f2p anymore
  7. server transfer

    first think is he was able to log in
  8. Which Dev really hates orcs ? <.<

    but also deal like 7 dmg per hit
  9. p2w is p2w

    im not complaining, they just should make it p2p instead of lying its f2p and you cant get into the game w/o vip. bassicly i dont care about bonus stats from VIP or items from IS i just want to be able to log in and play on my character that i spent 50h already
  10. p2w is p2w

    do you even read??? i said i wont play on EU beacuse its p2p server
  11. Dop on die?

    you cant drop items even during PK, the itmes will be destroyed not dropped
  12. p2w is p2w

    if i would like to play on paid server i would play on EU where im from and not US server .... i came here any beacuse its f2p it doesnt matter if i have job or no i just dont want so spend money on video games
  13. p2w is p2w

    you didint know?? its vip server
  14. you should read this https://www.lineage2.com/news/classic-launch-events
  15. with bosses that gives buff which after 10 minutes gives you box