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  1. Hello Juji, I see you try to fix this problem with greedy chests. But removing the system is not a fix, this is deleting a content. Try revamp this, as many ppl already said - chest appear only when mob is killed. Also check other regions . How they fixed this, why there is no problem there...? I can tell you why, they just flood the server with these jewels, so everyone can buy it... For example ruby 5 in CORE was like 25b !!! Also give us opportunity to buy what jewel we want from Night Market shop. As all other regions did, not this random crap! Just my opinion.
  2. Hello Juji ,Hime You missed one of the main things to test. Start ban all scripters. When server is up, all cameras are logged on second 1 !!! How is possible.... time to think where problem is. Thank you!
  3. Hello , this is not serious! Please login and check your servers. It is unacceptable to have this issue for more than 1 year . Today lag is more than before you change server location!!!
  4. Well, better restart everyday, instead playing like this
  5. I am sorry, but this is another unprofessional decision . Try how to fix this delay or how to compensate melee attack classes and not to harm other classes. Yuls experience this delay too, but is not so big.
  6. There was clearly written in some of the last patch notes, that this mob gives from 3 to 10kk. Why you call it a bug? And do not take this old and inaccurate data from l2wiki. Also L2wiki is for EU/RU servers, where this mob drops the same adena 3-10kk.
  7. Well, better start to play the game (not only on macro) and you will see there is still latency issue. And yes we still have latency issue, but is better than before.
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