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  1. Hi NCsoft , Lineage 2 is a game that exists 15 years now , many people played in 2003 , and still many playing it because it is atmospheric with nice music and very nice gameplay, Back then you had subscription and it was ok because there weren't many mmo rpgs , 15 years later you decided to open an official c1 server and we were very excited , especially the players who are playing lineage 2 all these years, 15 years later you open the server and what do you do? You close lineage 2 official classic server behind VIP to make people buy every 90 days a "subscription" in order to be able to avoid the silly queue that you have made. 15 years later we want to play a game mostly nostalgic and you keep blocking us from it . It's money all again , i understand , but it's lineage 2 15 years old game , It's pathetic the way you opened this server. The best way for me is to let these 2000 more people who are waiting every time enjoy the game without blocking them behind VIP points. Thank you