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  1. GM's ruining gameplay?

    Pretty much this ^ While I still think the time-frame of when Dragons weps were made/upgraded and when the event came out play a big part in why Truffle was allowed (originally) to revert and not the others, who crafted months/years ago and benefit from taking heroes/winning pvps the whole time. If anything was to be done to remedy your change of heart towards the refund - it should have been to let any dragon weapon made prior to event be allowed to be converted down a stage. This would be the most fair. Side benefit: I'm sure it would cut down on the petitions your staff will have to read from some clans who love sending massive amounts out. (:
  2. GM's ruining gameplay?

    Maybe they did it because the Fists had just been upgraded most recently? To my knowledge (correct me if I'm wrong) no other D weps were made/upgraded after the fists. Peps was upgraded before. Maybe there is an expiration date on the refund.
  3. GM's ruining gameplay?

    JuicyJae DC'd you mean (:
  4. GM's ruining gameplay?

    GMs also transferred shirts/agathions/other bound items from one toon to another on same account for Noba and refuse to do it now to people who ask. Where was the QQ for this? Maybe peppi shoulda asked first
  5. Main and Dual Class Swap

    Is there any way for there to be an account feature added for swapping your Main and Dual class? With so many Ncoin Event items being non-tradable (New Agathions, Shiny Shirts, Brooches [except the top 5% of the server with lv5-6s]), and with rewards for being an older character (anniversary event), it's extremely expensive and discouraging to think about re-rolling a toon if your main class doesn't appeal to you anymore. While it's nice having options in game and during Red Libra to swap your dual class around, being stuck with a main and competing in Olympiad with a class that doesn't currently play like it used to in the past is disheartening. I know several people who no longer play their main class at all, only sticking to their dual - never signing Oly and not enjoying the game as much. An option like this might revitalize Oly with more motivated (and better possibly) competition. IIRC there was an option to do this pre-GOD, C3/C4 something like this (could be wrong). How hard would it be to implement? I'm sure you could make quite a good bit of money too which is a big motivator for this company.
  6. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    It really wouldn't be as bad if there was anything even remotely comparable for these equip slots that are farmable or available without NCoin store (either buying yourself or buying from players) [correct me if I'm wrong on some of these, only been back 7mo] Cloak: best non-store one is +1 all stat from Exalt, Brooch: no other way besides store event to get jewels, Hair Accessory: best non-store you can get is 50 attribute atk/25 def or 3 stat and 5% def/atk Shirt: best ingame is 2 str/con/int/men, 1 dex/wit, 7 speed, 30 res from istina/octavis Agathion: not sure what the best farmable one is, but not sure you can get the ones with skills without event (maybe on auction but theres been only a couple) These don't even come close to how strong the NC Store items are, and without buying when they come out there is no way to obtain them or even get close. At least put some sort of mechanic in the game where you can spend daily coins to buy event items (like 1000 coins for 1 lv1 jewel box or something). Have an NPC up at all times that sells all past event items for a price. That way if you missed an event, or if you can't spend hundreds of dollars every single month you aren't screwed to be competitive at a decently high level.
  7. Beware of scam

    This, this, a million times this. The GMs who do ticket responses respond with the silliest, most irrelevant and unhelpful things 4/5 times. It might not be a deliberate act of the GMs, but their negligence and wanting to answer tickets quickly without looking into the issues is probably behind a lot of these 'confusions'.
  8. Beware of scam

    There are more steps involved to using 'Payment Request' mail than setting up a private shop, both get the same result. So if having to type the persons name, add the correct item, change it to Payment Request, put a correct price, and hit send to confirm can have complications in terms of appearing like a scam, is a private shop where all you do is drag an item, put a price, and sit down much safer? Might not be wise to do any trading til we get an official answer. It seems pretty straight forward, unless there is an issue with the IP of the mailing account prior to sending having changed from normal or whatever- what could constitute them recovering the item? If you buy items from a scam shop they don't do anything to compensate you, so why should you claiming to have mailed a wrong item or something be any different.
  9. I was under the impression that all of the yellow Abundance Talis (Hunter, Outlaw, Slaughter, Conqueror) all combined to get 1 Talisman which included improved versions of all buffs (Being Abu lv1 (High-Grade) - however upon looking at the Abu-Hunter vs Abu lv1 (High-Grade), there are some questions that arise I was hoping anyone could answer. Here is what the Tali says for Abu lv.1: Here is what the Tali-Hunter says: Now my questions are these: 1. Abundance lv1 doesn't increase Crit chance at all, but Hunter gives 13% p/m crit chance - is it a wording error, or is that something that gets dropped when 'upgraded'? 2. What is the number value on the line, 'Additionally, recieved damage in PvP is reduced' on the Tali-Hunter? It's not listed on the item or in the passive when equipped. Mainly asking those questions for this: Depending on how much PvP dmg reduction Tali-Hunter gives, when combined with the -15% PvP Skill dmg taken, could it be more valuable for a support (who doesn't really need the 1min buff) for PvP defense than a straight -15% pvp dmg taken? You would have to also add that the Abu lv1 gives 971 pdef, 552mdef - but that aside, if a skill is used on me in PvP, does -15% pvp dmg taken reduce it the same as -15% skill dmg taken... or is the damage calculated through some order which makes one better or worse? Thanks for any help or clarification on this.