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  1. There once was an Auction House in L2. It was the worst auction house ever in the history of MMOs.
  2. Thanks for listening to the community. Much appreciated.
  3. You do not lose any XP if registered for a siege. Otherwise, it's 14% when it should be 4%.
  4. They said 'resolve' not fix. "Resolve" could mean the rates are fine, they aren't changing. Problem 'resolved'.
  5. Aren't we all pretty much wearing the same armor? If you are 25 or higher you're probably wearing the Clan Oath armor. otherwise, whatever you got from the level 20 guest. Show us your gear, lol. Good try but, you didn't include a pic of your gear either OP.
  6. Drops seem about right, maybe a little low but the Adena rewards are really, really low. Adena isn't really a drop anymore, it just shows up. I have seen a few actual drops of Adena and those were about the right rate based on the Prima guide. I've only seen a handful of those, tho.
  7. Lineage 2 was designed, from the ground up, for bots. They are a part of the game.
  8. The prestige pack is for the Live version of L2, not the classic version.
  9. Percentage wise - this is a pretty good indicator. National polls are done with 1500 people.
  10. 1: Little skeevy but, expected. 2. They can deliver the patch notes to us whenever they like, two days later if they want. 3. Happens all the time. 4. Yea, most games do that now. Make the pack a price just about one group of coins so you have to buy more than the actual value of the item. Pretty common now as well. Still a bleep move. 5. Adena rates are terrible. Agreed 100%. 6, 7, 8: Can't say, no problems on my end at all. 9. Yes - exactly/ Game will be a ghost town in a few months. It's already lightening up in areas.
  11. Just died at level 21 - lost 5% XP. If it's 10% on death then I should have lost 6% and if it is 4% I should have lost about 3% (roughly), but 5% with a 20% reduction? So is it 6% on death? Can't really tell if the drop rates are working, the rate was crap before so, how can you tell? XP bonus - yea can see that. I don't think the drop rate (items not Adena) and XP reduction on death are working. Unless the death rate is 6% now. Anyone else?
  12. Jesus H jumping Christ man, it was a joke.
  13. This is 100% true. Adena is not a drop anymore, it just appears in your inventory. It used to be a drop, ahh the fields of gold from poorly programmed buts....
  14. Easy to find out who buys Adena.. NCSoft GM: Hmm, this guy has 2 million Adena on him. He must have bought it, no way he already has that much with the shitty Adena drop rates we established! Ban hammer!
  15. The whole drop rate thing is done, it's bad, they nerfed the hell out of the Adena drop rates - working as intended. Use the cash shop. It's what they expect and want. As for the 'hardcore' nature of the game, well, not really 'hardcore', sure there is open world PVP but, really that was just mainly ganking with the occasional real fight over an area or because of a war. The rest of the game wasn't really hard, or 'hardcore' it was just grindy as bleep. You wanted anything you had to grind, for hours or days or weeks on end. But you progressed and moved to new areas and did it, you progre
  16. I may keep playing but NCSoft will never get another penny from me.
  17. Can't decide which is easier in the long run. Sure the XP loss may suck but, the more I kill the more Adena I can make. No drops, no equipment damage. Well, here I go dying again! Or would that be suicide?
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