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  1. @Juji Since you change the PK system, maybe you should take this also under consideration, to restructure the War system as well.
  2. I totally agree about your first paragraph. The inability to deal with pk scammers, led us today in this PK system. About War System, yes dying is part of the game, and l2 is a hardcore game. Everyone wants to play pvp, or try at least. The problem that i mentioned in the original post, is that the War between clans, should be a different thing, than the random pvp for hunting spots, or castle sieges. If a clan wants to go full war, so be it. But the 5 kills triggering war, takes away the opportunity from someone, to defend a hunting a spot. Also, Wars, should not be triggered as w
  3. 4 hours pvp per month for a castle can be done by any clan , even pve clans. Why should these 4 hours have to be escorted by daily war, or PK or whatever? Thats one of the reasons, why ppl doesn't participate also in sieges.
  4. You just explained and validated, how the war system is exploited/used, with a wrong way. You do exactly what bullies doing. You don't want to fight for your spot, and you hunt all the clan, converting an isolated pvp, to a mass hunting. And i smile with your phrase "Too many pve ppl for my taste", while you do all this for peaceful pve. Thank you for validating with details how the war system working nowdays, your post is very useful.
  5. Since we will have some changes in the PK system in June, i would like to suggest also some changes in War system. The current War system, its also beneficial for the so called "top pvp" clans, and it should be changed along with the PK system. L2 was always a hardcore pvp game, but the current War system, doesn't let "weaker" players to pvp back. For example. Some players from PvE clans are getting bullied , or getting pked daily, by stronger players in order to take their spot. If the affected players, wants to pvp back for the spot, they received a war declaration, and
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