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  1. LAG

    Hey as of recently i started getting serious lagging every 5 mins, im from EU, but previously i havent had any lag. Any of you experiencing same shiet ?
  2. Hey i'm from eastern europe, 23yo, looking for a chill clan to have fun with, i have 21 dark wizard which i'm trying to main now, 30 cleric, 35 human wizard, 28 se.
  3. Teleport Fees

    Will tele fees apply to 1-40 lv too ?
  4. WTS Conjuror's staff.

    PM Joji in game, or mail, wanting 640K.
  5. So you wont address the outrage about adena rates for specific places as it's insanely stupid idea ?
  6. Necromancer or Sorcerer.

    Nice, i'll go for sorc for sure, as it's easier and better as i did a research for overall pve/pvp. Necro is expensive af and needs a good team to shine, which i dont hve.
  7. Necromancer or Sorcerer.

    Hey, i can't decide, between necro or sorc. I'm looking for overall simple and easy leveling, i heard that sorc is good at that, but then again people say necro is much better, whats ur opinion guys ?
  8. This is how we all should play!?

    Well Ncsoft West doesnt give a shiet, they are here just to milk some cash they dont have resources to investigate botting, and in fact they dont care if they cared there would be actions in place at this moment. Just a business.
  9. Hey, i'm Carol, from eastern europe. Looking for friendly/chill clan to lvl up together and have great time. I'm LV 30 human wizard atm, planning on becoming a sorcerer. Mostly playing EU prime times, though i can adjust toward the need. PM in forums, if im off IG. IG nick - Joji
  10. Hey i'm looking for a friendly fun clan to lvl up together, i'm from eastern EU so i mostly play at EU prime times +- when i need to if there's a need. I have D gear.
  11. Teleport prices.

    Read my second sentances.
  12. Teleport prices.

    They said that teleports will be free on all servers for 2 weeks, what about later ? It will remain how it is ? Free till 40?
  13. By the way, are u fixing 30+ scalling too?
  14. Hmm, so you only look at the feedback? That means you didnt test the server before realising it so you would know these issues, which leads to belief that you dropped this server without testing it for a quick cash crab. Or you left it out so people would buy vip and thats your plan from early on.
  15. Trident edge/compound shaft.

    Selling trident edge 35k, compound shaft 20k. PM Joji