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  1. Look man, I am member of Lotus on Giran server, I wish some clan challenge us, pvp us, take castle from us, whatever. Even if we send only 1 CP for defend castle, none will fight us, because if they kill us, it opens war and none, literaly none wants to fight top clans, because they wouldnt be able to leech RB. So we just send 1 CP to every castle and its over, none even try. Eg. VaeVictis can take castle from us anytime, they have like 4x more ppl, even if they are underlvled, we cant win clan vs clan fight with em. And still, they dont challenge us, because we control the RB. Thats it, until
  2. Sorry for my dumb answer, I play this game since chronicle 2 was new. Look, lets say there is 5 castles. TOP clans will make 5 alt clans and control all of em. If you try to take one of those, you will automaticaly accept war and wont be able to leech bosses anymore. So yea, it doesnt matter if its one or five castles. Is it more clear now buddy? :-)
  3. Olympiad for sure, hunting zone 76+ for sure, but why add more castles? Now there is only Gludio siege and only one clan is participation. Why to add more castles, when there is no more clans which would try to take it...
  4. Guys its not about update to start having CS, to start having PvP and fun, its all open world game, just accept war, just partiticipate on castle siege, just fight for own raidbosses instead of leeching and you would have plenty of fun. Thank you guys for extending anniversary event, its nice
  5. Dont worry bro, there will be another P2W event so players, who didnt manage to get pendant, will be able to get another P2W item. Give it a time
  6. I guess they are banning hundrets of bots every month, but hundrets of new bots are creating every month as well to replace them. When I see bot, I add it to my blocklist and almost everyweek I can see, that like 10-15 bots of my block-list is deleted = they are banned. But honestly, I dont think this fight will be ever won, thats whats happen to every free to play game based on killing thousands of mobs.
  7. I think mate that you need to PvP. On your level a used to PvP hours almost every day, I was loosing 10-20% xp a day for dying in pvp. Try it, its fun and solve your problem.
  8. Thank you for this update guys, good job. Flamers gonna flame anyway, but for rest of us is game more enjoyable now.
  9. Yea, I have been DCed and now cant log-in.
  10. Thank you Hime for any response. We understand not everything goes as smooth and we expect, but some kind of feedback is important. We need to see that you care about our in-game struggles. I believe that one hour of your time a day replying on forum would help a lot.
  11. WTB any pendant +10 pm me here or in game "Warendo the price.
  12. Lol, you tried p2w and now cry, that its not that easy as you expected? So you blame NC that they made the event less p2w than you expected, em I right? You made my day bro.
  13. WTT karmian set +6 for any pendant +10. Pm "Warendo in game.
  14. Was sad to watch online players count when they release patch notes - they should be named "how to loose 1 000 online players in a few minutes".
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