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  1. Does it get better at lvl 40+?

    Yes, as your lvl will be higher and higher, the number of bots u meet will be lower and lower :-) On 50+ spots you just barely see any bot.
  2. Stop crying, last week was Australian Open, this week is Superbowl, next week gonna be somthing else. Its up to you if you choose to play a game or watch a match, nobody force you to do either of that. Its really hard to be a GM on this server, players are moaning for everything. First its bots and adena sellers, which are banned in hundreds a month, but never could be erased for good. Just give a look how bot companies works (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek0XQedeqPA). You ban 10 of their characters, they create a new one in a second, they are paid for it.

    Its jist like 3 weeks ago when were ppl creating topics that exp weekends are unfair and shouldnt be in game, because it makes disadvantage for a players, who cant play during weekends. I feel bad for our GM team, whatever they do, community of server will be still moaning, at least the minority.
  4. Would be better to take new faces to Giran and TI. No need to have 3 servers with 4k online, better two servers with 6k online :-)
  5. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    Fishfood and others, come Giran, more competition more fun
  6. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    I am not sure if you troll or mean it mate. I know a lot of ppls 70+ and they are not bots, just CP players who knows how to play effectively. I am lvl 65 and I play like 4 hrs a day. So when someone plays 5+ hours a day, I understand he is 70+.
  7. Feel with you bro. Its holidays now wait and hopefuly as soon as possible you get any answer from GM team and your account back.
  8. sharing account is legal?

    Look, I work as a freelancer in online marketing, I am traveling really a lot. For 3 months I play here I was playing from 3 different continents, almost every week I am in different country playing on different IP. Still I also think that charing account is bad, but I think there is no way how to find out, who is just traveling just like me and who really shared his acc with other ppl.
  9. Because spoil is not supposed to play solo. I am main EE, there is also no way for me to farm solo and do I cry? Nope, because it was my choice to play this character and I knew I will not be able to play without party. Same for you. If you wanna play solo, play some char with higher dmg. And just BTW, we have active spoiler in our party and he is pretty good for trains with polearm and on 60+ monsters spoils a lot of good staff.
  10. Giran mass pvp 3 pts vs 82 crynet

    Max lvl is 75 as its supposed to be, just dont read patch notes, because they are not right. If you want to know real info about this game, read korean wiki: http://lineage2classic.power.plaync.com/
  11. In Dragon-Valley, monsters lvl 60+ drops like 1200-1500adena each, so even if you kill it by solo target, you always make adena profit. SPS with C weapon kills it for 6-8 hits (necro with CDL much less), which is +-700adena on monster kill with CBSS, so u have 500-800adena profit on every single monster. Also u drop tons of keys, materials and so on. Just keep goin, when u reach 60+, everything goes smoothly.
  12. orfen fight Good fight

    Great to see that there are other clans ready to make raid bosses than Lotus and Skynet :-)
  13. I really doubt he gonna tell you mate. Every spot is good only until many players farm there, so explore the Lineage 2 world on your own and surely u will find it :-)
  14. Yea, have same feelings here.
  15. Aden server is DYING HARDCORE

    When you are 41, just run to location, dont use TP, because from lvl 41 till 52 its probably the most-hardcore for adena, so you have to adjust your game play :-)