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  1. I'm somewhat positive mana pots are not in the original game. Your best bet for mana regen is to get a swordsinger for the mana regen song and mp consumption song, and an elven elder for Clarity.
  2. Hey Fakerchuuu, I see the point you're making and I have nothing to add to that - I agree, I just want to add that if you're trying to gain exp I recommend going back to Western Mining Region and hunt Golems and Goblins there - mobs there will yield 300 - 500 exp each (depending on exp buffs). There's some wild fluctuations in exp gain in mobs and sometimes higher levelled mobs give less exp than lower levelled mobs. Hope that's helped you at least a little -HairyLoco
  3. Hi everyone, Just checking in before work, I've read all the replies and I'm super happy with all of your support We will definitely give the spidey quest another look (although we don't feel strong enough due to the poison, but we've got our hands on some antidotes now). And I had also misread the tooltip on the No Grade gear we got at the start - I thought both sets were limited time, but that was just an oversight on my part. We've completely stopped using Soulshots for now. I'm also definitely checking out that Bear quest in the Orc Village.. Primarily to give those big flu
  4. Oh, please don't get me wrong, we're very much enjoying the game ^^ Our main issue/concern is that we don't quite know how to progress, haha! Right now we're farming golems and goblins, for a SoE and Adena quest respectively. The adena payout is not much, but it's something It's just a bit, frustrating is overstating it but I don't know how else to describe it, when we see people buying/selling top NG's (that cost 280k) while we're not even able to get settled in low-no grade. As far as adena quests go, I see you recommend not using Soulshots at all. I can dig that, I've stop
  5. Dear everyone, So my friend and I both got to level 20 on our main characters, and we're kinda stumped. Essentially, level 20+ areas are too hard for us to reliably do without popping a potion every single fight. I've levelled a Human Wizard to 19 now, who is going to be a Cleric, and she's following our characters every now and then for heal support as well. However right now we're basically out of adena and out of soulshots. At the same time we also realised our gear expires in 3 days. We basically don't have the funds to get a new shirt and pants. Then there's also the matter of D grad
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