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  1. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    I'm really sad today... This event is not so much expensive overall but we all know many like this will come. So when new people will start play, they will need wait for brooches, shirts, hair accessories, cloaks... I doubt there are many people like that. Lineage is dying, we read it like ten years on official forums, but now... We all know it, we don't want to stop play, we still hope. I think I will take break from LII for some time.
  2. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    I remember fights on Naia 150 vs 150.
  3. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    I guess you can merge all servers. Maybe even close them... There is not fun anyway.
  4. Lf yul help

    I want to buy it on Naia and last cheapest price was 1.5b, so that's why I mentioned it.
  5. Dummy for test damage

    Also playes vs npc could be great.
  6. Dimensional Siege

    It reminds me one old story from Franz. Some ppl used zR, some not. Our CP was legit, so for example for olympiad we used that thing with opened window and check oponent when you are inside (I guess everyone is using it now). So my friend did it, match was going to start, he write /target "Nick". After match my friend got a lot of PMs from "Nick" how was possible that he targeted him before match started and he could see him. When someone uses magic, he will see it everywhere...
  7. Lf yul help

    That hair accessory is now expensive (better wait when will be event up), longing and tauti are now about 5b for each (they are in event which we have now). About opal/ruby 3 you can have them cheaper if you try to gamble. But also not, I got ruby 3 (and I wanted lvl 3 from beginning) for +-40 boxes, so... It depends on you and yours luck, anyway you have to wait for event.
  8. Lf yul help

    There is not freya earring, Maybe you mean orfen, it's cheap but i prefer different low level setup: Soul tezza, coc stun earring, istina earring (normal), aq, baium = stun setup. Anyway archer is now about p. skill crit damage (so crit jewells will not be used as in the past). I think start with good bow it's good, you can have +6 set long time. It's party class, so... Also try to get ruby 3, opal 3, it's big damage boost. POM from ISS will help.
  9. A new way of scam?

    It's crazy...
  10. Cancel of survival skills sux, but every char can fight with it. Trust me, when you play vs zR for years, you will learn yours skills and survival skills from other people from party. That video in my opinion is not only about difference in gear but also perfect gameplay from three players (I guess they are from same CP and play together long time).
  11. This. I was one shot from SpartianGuard with skill Bow Strike (crit but anyway). And my equip is above average of Husaria players.
  12. A new way of scam?

  13. I'm not in DH and I don't think I will ever will be in DH because of many reasons. FYI Btw when I was giving advice to you make better propaganda, pvp videos etc. I didn't meant it like you are doing it right now. You're embarrassing yourself atm.
  14. Thanks I miss that times... Normal +3 R99 set vs dark weapons