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  1. Missclick in AH - weapon

    Who put some R grade weapon for low price let me know, I can give it back. Don't forget provide some details - type of weapon, enchant, appearance, element... "Lachtan
  2. Missclick in AH - weapon

    Weapon is back by his/her (?) owner
  3. Quests

    Focus on exp if you play on Live, at 85 Penny in Aden gives you quests with good rewards. If you play Classic, you are in wrong section.
  4. Quest Queen Ant

    Skip that quest.
  5. New Player Help - Leveling

    Best xp on this low lvl is from party kartias, enter with yours boxes (iss and healer), leave before killing final boss. Use some exp items which you can buy from players/store. I was able to do k85s and k90s with mage so I don't think you will have issue with archer. I didn't try k95 yet - it is a little bit harder. Btw 5-6% per hour is amazing, imagine you will do this per week on high levels... Adventurer faction is important - a lot of exp and nice rewards. I didn't see any party for killing raid bosses - I think someone is farming them on respawn. I started char on 1/26/2019 and now is 97/97/80/80 with 0 usd spent and without any kind of power level services, also exping healer and iss (both 97 now). But games start to be fun at 101+++.

    + for nice people, don't be shy!
  7. Skill Enchanting Help

    I think about lvl 95 first useful skills are opening. Do daily quests from Penny in Aden - a lot of exp.
  8. We are missing this feature... Ultimate and Transcendent armors. https://l2wiki.com/PvP_and_PvE_Sets
  9. Evolved Agathion Stage 5

    9 red bottles, still lvl 1. I gave it up.
  10. Maximizing DEX stat for Archer

    Venir (stats depends on level), dragon shirt (+3 to +6 all stats), radiant circlet (attack attribute, +5str), top brooch (+2 all stats). I am sure I forgot something. You need also boost attack attribute.
  11. Latest Yul Guide

    Master Rage, 700+ element is must on end game toons (so work on it)
  12. spirit stones

    Well, I played few months on RU and I believe that chances for top augments were higher there. I was augmenting 7 weapons and for augment I wanted I needed 20 - 50 spirit stones. Maybe I was lucky.
  13. Banned from website

    Write support ticket, I got ban too (although I have only one forum account).
  14. Heroes, October 2018

    Lazy AH64 and Owar!
  15. Augments

    Yes, it is, but chance is very low. I got one from ~1500 spirit stones (I played I lot of chars on NA/Core/RU).
  16. Well, there is a lot of things which ncwest don't do well, but I was quite suprised when I contacted support at Sunday and they responded to me in two hours! Not so long ago I had to wait several days. This small things are good, try to listen community more and I believe it could be benefit for both sides.
  17. Clan-Penalty only 10 min. / instead 24 hours

    It's 2018 and some people still don't read patch notes
  18. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

    Well, seems I decided to end at right time. I will miss you guys
  19. Junk Yard Dogs are back!

    Who let The Dogs out?
  20. Anyone still playing Feoh Soul Taker?

    Mage is great
  21. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    As we see ncwest don't care. No price change, again p2w event... So when we should expect dragon weapons, dragon shirts, sayha talismans...? Btw why did you put price in usd for ingame items (like eternal sets, weapons) to document about media contest?