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  1. Hello Hime & Juji, thank you for that you are trying all posibilites . I understand that its not easy task. Would we know if this high latency, aor lag, or whatever we say, are eavn on other servers ? Korea, Japan or so on ? Or this problem is exist only on our servers, acording of your comunication with main NC team ?
  2. Mele attack , & skill attack delays are totaly gone now. Maby some delay with clan Q, or open mail is exist, but no hit lag is awesome news.
  3. This is not true my dear. We tested this in time when info was actual about it, acording some "trully" video on youtube, video which was with cuts is strange and realy suspicious anyway. And our CP test is just super simple > YOU cant be force PK if you have correct macro set-up and also if you have enable targeting system to monters only. We used all posible force skills to force character to > target provokateur. With all characters, also we didnt forget to try it with tanks, othels, also we tested all tricks with pets etc ..... result ? if game setup was correct, wasnt chance to be fo
  4. super easy answere Light > PVE , Heavy > PVP, top is to own both of them and switching it by one click via macro.
  5. Hmm you are not so smart, ok why not i will explain u once again. The areas which are already penalized for us (not one but many) are high areas necesary for further developt of character in meanings of XP growt. So my sugestion to NCwest is > remove high areas NPCs decreasing & decrease low areas only (low areas without activity is so many) So no point restrict the high ones. Can be good move to move it numbers of those NPCs back..... Now you got it ?
  6. YES wtf ? in areas which i am talking about > to keep numbers, the NPCs are decrased about 20-30% already in previos update !!!! And now they not saying us > the old NPCs numbers decreasing removed, and new aply, the just say > more decreasing aply.... any other question which i can explain to you ????
  7. well yes, but please why you not thinking about it which zone is used by players and which not ??? it also disbalanced (those who need mobs haevnt ! but mobs who no one cares are 100% number) game and making peoples angry about it, if you remove 20-30% mobs in Tanor Canyon or Rafinery or Field of Silence or whenewer for developed players, which need for next step to lvl kill a bilion mobs, instead of areas where some new players spend hour and still that location is full of NPSs ??? for example Guilotine Fortress, nice area for lowbies, but usualy there is somethink betwen 0-5 players with NPC
  8. yes in patch notes is exactly written : Lightning Force Changed to Always Passive but what that means ?? superior momentum mastery, pasive skill where skill lightening force 1-3 come from, have still same description : 30% chance of triggering Lightning Force during a normal attack. Additionally receives the Power of Force and increases P. Atk. by 30% and Speed by 10. So no changes after update in description, so HOW we can actualy know, if its still working like old lightening force dmg boost or not ? if i simple open character status in game and
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