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  1. @Juji @Hime. you still sleep or what ? many players in server trying to get 400-500k for buy ss and some other players from blacklotus-greylotus using yr mistake to optain 200-500kk per day plus all other drops... and then they sell all this adena for real money and what are you doing ? nothing? wake up !!!!!
  2. Tomb of Ancient Pirates Added a new hunting zone, the Tomb of Ancient Pirates. You can go to the Tomb of Ancient Pirate through NPC Irina in the Town of Aden. A character with level 78 or higher can enter it after receiving Blessing of Holy Water, which lasts 1 hour from NPC Captain Anthony. The character is removed from the hunting zone after the buff expires. Defeating Goldberg’s Butler in the hunting zone gives you Goldberg’s Room Key, which allows you to enter Goldberg’s Room through NPC So
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