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  1. GoodGuy

    XIGNCODE3 Launch

    Bots in my exping area dissapeared. Sure, they not got banned. They just level up to higher location.
  2. Look when server not full, enter and stay.
  3. You all wrong. You need use Counter-Strike 1.6
  4. After you say you VIP, i finish reading. Me 'Truly Free'
  5. Sure he did some bannable action. Bad, admins newer tell you what you did wrong. And it is look like innocent player banned. Better they do explain their bans.
  6. It is shame of NCWest. To block adena spammers no need anticheat program like xingcode. Just need server-side algorithm written on any high-level language, like php or any.
  7. Graph L2 status of laby.fr. Gludio added.
  8. Because they wan't. See that advice when entering game? They want you block adena sellers.
  9. After '40 lvl' i stop reading ) Me just 25, so future is still bright.
  10. Remember, what L2 is game of grinding and suffer. Use tricks like /target <name> and other.
  11. GoodGuy

    XIGNCODE3 Launch

    Any news about XIGNCODE started banning cheaters?
  12. He want be human to play. Strange. I think a lot what I want and I choose dwarfie girl! Choose which back you will see all time!
  13. If you give loot to char of another account, it may banable. No banable - give to char of same account, give to clan warehouse.
  14. Ah.. on https: it broken. http: - ok. Anyway, it not graph.
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