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  1. Eek cry cry the devs spoiling me me me game wine rarer I'm blinking red what I'm going to do now cries
  2. The epic sollution to solve botting is no in-game transactions
  3. Don't you have to log out of game and then log back in to know your BANNED. So if you never log out you will not be BANNED.
  4. If you put wrong PW in 3 times you get auto flagged and that means locked account. You only need put a ticket in and they will in un- flag you
  5. If you click on report a bot! It means that who you reported will be looked into and only if there is some kind of foul play going on will action to ban them. So it looks like to us that you was. Just saying.
  6. Well you would need top D on +9 to be like a top C
  7. There are some classes what struggle through Aden dungeon but the rest can cruise through it.
  8. Gold farmers are doing great because your crannies and friends are buying arena for rl cash.
  9. The only way forward it appears is to find a new mmo to play. It is very disappointing because NCSoft L2 is a great game.
  10. I am experiencing Lag for 2 days now. Is this a passing problem or is the lag here to stay? btw I AM ON Giran server and live in Europe.
  11. Would it be better to make RB'S randon loot distribution. Why some party leader picks it all up? Really puts me off going to raids.
  12. This is driving me mental! I have been fishing for 36hours hours none stop with my 6 boxed toons and not caught a single fish, there is no fishes left to fish, pls open new fishing server to solution the no fish problem.
  13. With a Q of 1200 Waiting do you guys think its time for another +1 GMT Server?
  14. This if odd, when the update on Giran/ NA Servers is fixing lopped macro system! Back on the classic Euro server (Skelth) this is happening. Lineage 2 Classic Europe 21 hrs · Dear Users! First of all we would like to thank a lot everyone
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