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  1. I never said I "expected" anything by posting this. My husband already spoke with a GM on how screwed this event is, he wasn't treated as nuts, and this was prior to spending another $200 to buy the top pack again and try once more. And while we were not 100% pleased with the answer we received, we did recieve an answer that was on topic and not 100% generic. Again as I already said, I'm mainly posting to share my feedback as suggest by one of the GMs for the development team to see. But thanks for your opinion.
  2. I totally agree as well. This current event is straight robbery! Doesn't matter how much you spend either, they don't care and will screw everyone equally as hard.
  3. Wow, see that is insane. And just goes to confirm our feelings of being screwed. We know it's a gamble, and a loss at this point. I'm mainly sharing our feedback here for the development team at the suggestion of one of the gms. It's really just a shitty thing to screw your customers over so hard, especially when they are willing to shell out cash for these events.
  4. Mind you we also both used Maphersluck potions, banks, and stews to increase luck as well even tho we were told it was just based on chance. We had one pack of scrolls all but 2-3 completely fail to increase + even once. So again I stand by saying, if this is going to continue to become a severe play to win game, and you have players capable and willing to buy your high dollar packs there needs to be an increased chance of this packs actually putting out the rewards we are dishing the cash out for.
  5. While yes that may be true, accordingly to one of the gms that respond to support tickets it is solely based around chance to be fair to all players. Either way that was also our reasoning for attempting again on my toon so see if some of those variants would make a difference. They did not. We still got screwed just as hard.
  6. I just want to express that this new event is not fun. My husband and I both play this game and have invested more money than I care to admit or think about. As of today we both have now tried to enchant 1 circlet to radiant status. He has spent the equivilant of about $500 now just on buying 2 of the most expensive packs for enchanting and an additional pack of extra scrolls. I get that it is supposed to all be up to chance but I have seen several people now get radiant circlets and between the two of us we cant get 1 to above a +2 or +3 noble status. After not really getting our moneys worth
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