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  1. It's different when different regions are more willing to put money into the game, hence we get lower rates because people here are willing to throw away money at it more than other regions.
  2. This ^ Upgrade from Compound bow (NG) to Reinfoced (D) ASAP!
  3. At lvl 27 you can make more doing almost anything else. At Orc barracks for example an archer solo can get 200-400a per mob easy so that adds up much quicker than 3k per spider quest turn in/travel time.
  4. I ran a private Lineage 1 server a very long time ago, and it was super easy to change a configuration value to change rates, etc...but live servers where there are business consequences to every decision is quite different. Game economy, revenue, player activity is all affected and needs to be considered before they can "flip a switch" on such a change. It's a bunch of politics and unfortunately it takes time. But yes i'm sure it is a very easy process to change that kind of setting, but it needs to go through a lot of channels to be approved i'm sure.
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