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  1. If you try to photoshop things and troll ppl ,try to make it atleast properly Numbers and nickname have obviously different backround than the rest of the picture
  2. Sadly whole MMO genre is getting kicked in balls along with the players by most of the companies involved . There is more than enough examples how this genre is getting killed(Archage,Black Desert, Bless Online....) and players are so desperate that they are always getting hyped and ready with their wallets open to get a decent balanced game with just outfits and some not ground breaking stuff behind pay-wall , but NO ... Greed level in gaming industry is hitting really crazy heights,sadly destroying really good games in the process ...
  3. I dont know what there is to analyze , devs could just log in to forums and see hundreds of topics analyzing this problem is already here But honestly disparity between exp and adena/spoil is ridiculous , even the lowest ranked private servers have enough brain power to understand that if exp is 1x then adena should be 1x , otherwise the game will be broken in some way. Especially if the game is older than some ppl around here lol....
  4. Possible solution is to tell us that you are not going change the rates , then you can merge the servers and enjoy the happy 300
  5. You should atleast learn what word scam means and then play smartass . I will save your time , for once ... scam- an illegal plan for making money, especially one that involves tricking people What is currently happening is starting to smell like scam by not providing the relevant information to the paying customers and the current silence of all offcials is not making it any better.
  6. Hello , I noticed that all the quests here are based on last hit -> get item system , which is quite retarded for pt play and especially for support classes . My question here is , are there normal party quests with random pt member(or all pt members) distribution system later in game ? If not then RIP supports ...
  7. I dont know but all the ppl saying "rates are fine" cannot use their head a little and try to think about future ... Getting NG weapon at lvl 30 by farming multiple characters and mindlessly repeating one quest is one thing, but what next ? I dont like the fact in what this L2 "Classic" was reduced to , old L2 had like 200 quests just for low levels , you could choose to farm anywhere you like , here you are forced to farm few quests from which only one or two actually are worth . And then they put in quest like Moon armor which is completely unnecesary and basicaly negate use of a
  8. SunnyD, i dont know but i think you dont rly understand whats happening on server now and connection with the video you posted ,which is pretty good actually. Atm we have more money sinks/drains(shots,potions,spellbooks,full item vendors etc.) from economy that the players can actually make by farming. This would in real world cause "deflation" ,which would decrease all prices of items , but this is not possible here. Prices of shots,pots,spellbooks and everything are at fixed value , that means nobody can afford anything and after some time people will stop progressing altogether an
  9. At 18:04 , Juji clearly stated that they are looking into it with the devs . Thats all So basicaly you lie and put up the video to prove that , good job mate . Anyway rates are broken , just say you are not going to change it and we are off in thousands and queue will be fixed also.
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