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  1. Hello guys, i have question about weapon choice for wizards, what is the main difference between staff and mystic sword ? what is best choice for PvE mainly ? If i understand, that the only difference is spread dmg between staff and sword right ? or is there something more? ~~~thanks~~~
  2. hmm, i don't know then.. i have tried to log in right now and its fine for me, without queue
  3. yes, i bought my vip 1 yesterday, since then i always logged in straight away.
  4. i dont think it's true, i just logged in totally fine with vip 1
  5. i've been waiting almost 2 hours to get into the game, but i always get dc at the end of the queue.. i even bough coins (which i still dont have) to buy VIP , but for what, when i can't log in to buy that vip. It's even worst then it was before.
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