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  1. I've had this happen for the past week, I submitted various tickets and performed multiple tests as required by 'Precious' and 'Yiar' and the ultimate conclusion that was reached was that it was my ISP. (For the record I have WOW as in WideOpenWest, and live in the Southern US) Still have not heard back from my ISP though.
  2. Ok, I searched a little more and found this, it seems they have changed the old 'classic' stats a bit. The ones I listed above were from when I last played 'classic' in 2006. The list following was posted by Hime Oct 13, 2018: STR P. Atk. DEX P. Accuracy P. Evasion Atk. Spd. P. Critical Rate CON Max HP/CP HP/CP Recovery Weight Underwater Breathing Shield Def. Success Rate INT M. Atk. WIT M. Accuracy M. Evasion Casting Spd. M. Def. Rate M. Critical Rate MEN M. Def. MP Recover
  3. This was a post from our old forums regarding the stats and what they expressly affected, this was posted in 2006 and was pulled from L2's official website from back then. Since then, the game morphed into GoD and they reordered the stats somewhat. So, if the 'classic' servers are accurate to the way they were in 2006, this list would be correct. A test was done by a few people using the EE's buff Shock Resist(ance), to see if that affected the amount that stun would land or not land, it did affect it. It landed less with Shock Resist. Therefore, it would seem that CON does seem to inherently
  4. If I'm remembering right, I +dex -con for the maximum amount (whatever that was) for the first dye, can't remember what I did exactly for the second dye though. I probably +str but not by much because it took the con down a little too far for my liking, making it easier to stun me, and vs the sheer damage a PR can put out per shot, it wasn't a chance worth taking. Learned that the hard way when one of my clan mates kept putting me in the dirt (minus fatal counter) not long after I got the maximum +str -con dye that was available. Had to remove it and do something else as I was dying too much.
  5. During the very early days, I played a SR. Assuming this 'classic' server is as accurate as it was when it wasn't 'classic', a very well geared SR could go against any of the other two archers and stand a reasonably good chance at beating either. At that time I had maxed out my dex, and fiddled with my con slightly. I also did everything possible to boost crit rate, crit dmg, and firing speed. I can't remember the specifics, but there were at least four other equally leveled archers of each flavor in our clan and a few in our ally as well and when dueling I usually won more often than lost. (A
  6. Do both swords have to be the same enchant level to combine? Such as both +3? Or can they be uneven such as one +3 and the other +4? If the uneven can be combined , which enchant level will the resulting duals be?
  7. character selection screen. i pick character and go to play and.....nothing....they just stare at me. my characters on 'original' servers will login in just fine... Aden server
  8. from one account to another? is that possible or no? haven’t played in so long can’t remember ?
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