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  1. This account was created to play official back then where you were paying for the account. So i assume you are wrong here.
  2. Right now,a friend of mine playing a private server it's running without lag (unlike here). with 6k ppl+++. you really think NC soft can't afford a server running with that ppl? come on now,we were playing official with 10k++ players back in 2006. It's obvious smart way to force ppl to pay.
  3. You have my respect,you have forced thousands of people to give you their money with smart and tons of ways. Well before leaving the server since i can't log in if i don't pay for VIP. I did my best going 35 Lv. early enough. All i wanna say is.You are smart,forcing people to pay even to play.(infinity qeue for non-VIPs) while keeping the title "FREE TO PLAY". Well played Dev's
  4. That's not the thing.If server was full it wouldn't disconnect you and have you waiting from the begging...for another half an hour and again disconnect.It would just slow down your progress of logging in,making you going from qeue 50 to 100 or something.It keeps disconnecting you on purpose to get sick of it and buy VIP. NC soft have make forced ppl to put money here and you can't even get it? You are probably one of the victims who paid for something,i bet my @ss
  5. Why don't you accept that you are doing it on purpose so ppl will keep buying VIPs? I admit you have forced many ppl to pay for that thing but not posting "FREE TO PLAY" when forcing us to pay to play....that's fake advertisment
  6. IT IS! PAY TO PLAY!!! SINCE I AM TRYING TO LOG IN FOR 5 HOURS AND STILL CAN'T LOG IN bleepTARD!!! BUT IF YOU PAY YOU CAN LOG IN,SKIP THE QEUE...THAT IS PAY TO WIN FOR GOD SAKE!!! I WAS LEVEL 37 NO PAY AND STILL ON TOP!!! BUT NOW I CAN'T PLAY!! THIS IS NOT ABOUT FAST OR SLOW PROGRESS IS ABOUT YOU CAN,OR CAN'T PLAY!!! For god sake NCsoft why you didn't make it like old days? pay per month to play this game? Feels the same right now.Pay to log In.
  7. I am trying to log in game for about 5 hours now,it keeps having me on the qeue for half an hour and then it disconnects me. In the first 3 hours i was like,it's normal...too many people...they are having issues...but nobody came out in forum or ingame from DEVs saying...."we are having a problem we are trying to fix it"...No,you keep FORCING people to spend money in game. And i can't accept having problems and issues in-game SINCE YOU ARE MAKING THOUSANDS A DAY!!! EACH SECOND PASSES YOU GET HUNDRED OF DOLLARS AND YOU CAN'T KEEP YOUR SERVER ONLINE!!! I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR LOW RATES
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