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  1. Pay 5 Dollars and stop crying

    It's not about how much money is it, 5$ or 50$, it's about the rules. The game was advertised as f2p, end of discussion.
  2. FAIL P.DEF - whats wrong ??

    I think he means that equipping 2 items that in total should give 18 p.def give only 4 in his character stats. I've also noticed it, and I'm not sure if it should work like that and if it does, then how?
  3. Multi box

    Multi box Your turn
  4. No EXP and SP for 1st Class Transfer.

    It seems like it, lol
  5. Hello, I'm guessing that it was a bug, that I didn't receive any XP and SP for changing my class with 1st Class Transfer. Before I had 18% EXP and after changing to Human Knight it was still at 18% EXP. Pretty sure it isn't supposed to work like that. Anyone encountered similar problem? Oh, and I already submitted a ticket concerning this.