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  1. If you are sure about this, then please tell me what is the right language to talk to support team, as they did blow me away but just saying that they cannot do anything...
  2. Did you maybe restart your router?
  3. This looks like he PK'd someone and the feoh was lucky Btw @KissMyKnife NCSoft does not ban for when someone Macroed and someone pulled them away and made them PK. 2 days ago it happened to me on Naia and lost epics/wep they told me that there is nothing they can do, that they will investigate those accounts who were responsible for that, but they are still online and doing the same to others. So do not spread false information.
  4. Stahli

    Info about feoh

    Really nice guide!
  5. Do you know when the update is going to be?
  6. I have the same dilemma. At this moment I'm Tyrr GK, but I terribly want to change to Tyrr Titan and farm with 2h blunt and sos + change my dual Othell to Yul or Wyn. But the upcoming update is making problems, as it would be silly if they would implement the changes about the 2h blunt being cane and there would be no Red Libra event… then I would be stuck with a useless weapon
  7. So sad, thanks for the answers tho!
  8. Hi Warriors, As RedLibra is approaching, wanted to double check with some Gurus if it is official, that with the next update (which I assume will be this summer) the 2h magic blunts will be changed to canes, so Titan's won't be able to use SoS with Retributers anymore? As last time I decided to go GK I did not manage to play with SoS around, but with this Libra wanted to try it for a while (thought have only 1 OE Bloody wep). If someone has some "confirmed" information about this, it would be nice if you could share it. Cheers.
  9. I would probably suggest to get the PVE belt from Oly manager, it has +6 or +7 % pve damage boost.
  10. In Oly, CoC or 1vs1 you can PVP. I have a box Duelist, lvl 99, and with normal heavy r99 and s80 duals +4 300 I can manage to kill some folks in Oly. But if you want to do some real PVP, then probably the choice would be to go for Yul, Othell, Feoh. As much I know, they are the big PVP guns.
  11. Agree, Tyrrs are strong atm for PVE, but some new tweaks for even better PVE, or some for PVP would be quite nice!
  12. Only Top will give you the good auguments.
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