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  1. wow. what is your profession to spend SUCH a lot of money on yourself, forgotten about family ?
  2. it's a hidden iPhone commercial, that's how they make money or not enough fantasy in head, but strange that they all playing Fantasy game! and more strange - no sounds from game, only stupid random music..
  3. there is no level cup, couse you will never get it anyway... while u exping, game growing up with updates and increasing lvl cups what's the difference? for what that questions..
  4. wow ! reduced queues ! thank you!!!!!!!
  5. For any product or service you need to pay, and therefore get such a result. Do not pay - it is equivalent to the theft of goods or services in the store or any other company!
  6. just play normal game with party or solo with 0-1 box, wich can used by ur wife, son, doughter, others (best not everytime at 2nd window).
  7. 5,5 hours playing and smoking...how did your wife not kill you for that?
  8. he'll come back, everyone comes back.. even bots
  9. so, people will leave, queues will disappear. and everything will be gorgeous ! 1-1.5 year to wait and ok !
  10. okay let be the queue. but why are there delays and disconnects in the game?
  11. is fishing gives something useful?
  12. my 8 hours needed to make money , 1 hour for lunch, 6-8 hours to sleep and 7-9 to be with family, and 1.5-2h to spending time with myself )))
  13. in Classics there are no patches and will not
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