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  1. @Juji Can you inquire with the devs to consider allowing servitors to automatically increase in level according to the level of the summoner. Today the only way to increase the level of servitors is via skills. Since no class has any class skills above 110, this puts summoners in a difficult position.
  2. My theory is they might want to introduce more Grand Kain this and Stable Scroll that in the future for upper/top level gear enchants since these items maintain the enchant level of the target item. For example, nerfing LL makes it harder to make a +7 circlet but once you're there it's matter of throwing $$ at the problem to make +10. I believe this upgrade mechanic is already available in KR for the new Legendary dyes (Lv. 7+).
  3. Completely agree. The only thing I'm doing these days is Castilla and occasionally finishing off Isabella if she's up. I haven't bought Ncoin for nearly a year because there's nothing to do. Well yes, there's FoC now but meh. Give me a reason to start donating again..... I want to be like this guy some day . @JujiWhy do the level of the servitors need to be increased via skills? The summoned pets should just follow the level of the Summoner by default and this will be solved once and for all.
  4. You can still claim the last three rewards by sacrificing others. If you play on Chronos, create a character on Naia and claim the next reward in the list when Naia "resets". Then when your local server reset occurs you can claim the next reward. This will allow anyone who missed a week or more to still claim the stuff that is of higher value. Same thing if you play on Naia but once you claim on Chronos, you can no longer do so on Naia until the next day since Chronos resets much later. Have fun.
  5. Personally don't notice any difference but I didn't have to shut down my game clients so just wondering if was just an updater related update since (I'm just guessing) if changes were made to affect gameplay all the game clients need to be shutdown before anything could be updated. Oh well.... No offence but it feels like YOU took weed before posting this . I guess this new color scheme is making it difficult for me to read lol.
  6. This might be of interest. There was a posting on the Korean forums yesterday by a player concerning a disparity noticed for archers on critical (rate or damage, it's not clear using GT.. one would assume critical rate) between automatic hunting and playing manually.
  7. Indeed, I have to admit for the past week I've been looking forward to reading every new post on this topic and resisting the urge to say something snappy. I mean you just know Yul be entertained on any thread when you start to see Mixarisms. So instead I'd just like to remind the topic creator he forgot to bring up the "Crystal of Dawn update" on the weekly maintenance thread but I guess there are other more pressing problems .
  8. What would be great is if the devs would incorporate the offering system like we have for the Abundance Talismans as a kind of general feature for all other crafting to increase the success rate. It doesn't even have to be a high percentage, maybe capped at 3 - 5% and anything tradeable can be used as offerings. We would have an additional incentive to craft stuff and clean up junk lingering in our inventories for years.
  9. Yes, take this pro right here. Barely a week after saying he's "done" and he's inquiring about rates in today's maintenance
  10. @Juji Why not recommend to the devs to repurpose Guillotine Fortress to be a 108 - 112 open field or perhaps a session zone area. It's quite a massive piece of real estate that's not being put to good use. Also, I really like what was done to GF in Classic, the western face got a fantastic facelift. Why not bring that over to Live? The QQ will be so loud other MMOs would hear it
  11. @Juji, could you maybe recommend to the devs to change this to "P. Critical Damage, P./ M. Skill Critical Damage" in a future update so that us Wynns can have something cheer about ?
  12. Well I picked up 15 yesterday and got the 30-day Ruler's Authority on the 4th click. Opened a ticket and in a couple of hours (wow!) got it replaced with the permanent version. The rest were just random consumables.
  13. Well.. you can say they didn't warn you naming it "Suspicious". Working as intended
  14. If you're comparing with prior events, there are differences. The first week the Golden Compass event began a couple of years back the vast majority of the DD player base didn't really do too well let alone supports. Even @Juji and the devs for that matter acknowledged that the instance was too hard. The following maintenance the instance was updated so that the mobs dropped +100% P.Atk/+400% M.Atk pots. That improved things significantly, more so for the supports. The second installment saw them learn from the previous experience and pots also dropped from the mobs and they varied the ef
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