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  1. problems in Hevo Voice!

    Personally, I've not read much blue chat in months since I've had all zeroes blocked from the day hero speak could no longer be disabled. Sadly the block list is no longer being maintained since oly went global so I get to see the occasional "problem" as you put it.. but not for long. Blocking them is your your only option for now.
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 26, 2020

    Would be cool if they made a session zone of Guillotine Fortress
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 19, 2020

    All this solidarity makes me want to sign up for the prestige pack just so I can cancel it !
  4. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    @Juji, the patch notes say: Changed so that Adena cannot be obtained when selling recipe and crafting materials to the store. There's no mention of craft packs being deleted so does this mean if craft packs are opened after the update, everything in them can't be sold to the public stores for Adena anymore (so we need to craft everything in packs before the update or they'll be worth a lot less)?
  5. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    Ok, so this has started to affect me too after bragging about being able to stay connected for days . The funny thing about this "phenomenon" is that all but 1 client gets DCed. I had 3 clients running on 1 PC and 2 on another today and on both PCs all but 1 client got booted off. The other two clients that are still running has been on for more than 2 days. Whatever's going on seems to be gradually getting worse I guess.. but perhaps not for everyone.
  6. It's a wonder that I'm able to stay online for days on end week after week after week and not experience any disconnect or lags yet there so many reports/complaints of DCs, mass DCs, lags, macro delays etc. It's curious because I'm someone who's literally playing nearly 10000 miles away on the opposite end of the globe and yet I've not experienced any of this and I'm not on any kind of special software like WTFast etc. The screenshots below are from before the last maintenance (was going to post the numbers after Wednesday's maintenance but my PC was force rebooted for patching last night...) but I'm not seeing any problems even with the start of the World Olympiad this week. The only problem I get occasionally is with the launcher that I posted a while back. Net stats:
  7. Game Maths Unfair

    I've read that comprehending such grammar is actually an art form. @Bethra, your services are required .
  8. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, November 6, 2019

    Yes, that quest was deleted. It's probably also worth mentioning that all remaining factions will be removed in an upcoming update (someone with more info can comment on this?) so if you want your faction talismans/mounts better make them/finish the relevant quests asap.
  9. Server Down?

    Well, I've been connected for 77 hours but yes, since the last maintenance the launcher started acting up throwing occasional errors.. but I've still managed to get in the second or third time.
  10. Chronos VS Naia

    The bulk of everything being sold on Chronos that matters is in Giran.. and in most cases the prices on Chronos are way more reasonable.
  11. No blue chat for the whole month of November? I'll take this as an awesome free event
  12. WTB Red Cat's Eye Lvl 3/4

    The last person who opened a ticket inquiring about boxing Red/Blue Cats got this response: Sadly the answer that I got is like "Unfortunately, we are unable to grant the transfer of your Red Cat's Eye, since this is considered as an end-game. We are not granting any transfer of end-game items and materials." and "I'm afraid that we're unable to assist you on this, as these are considered as end game items. Thank you for understanding." This was more than a year ago, considering all the amazing new stuff have in-game now perhaps it's about time we got the option to box them. Something for @Juji to consider I guess.
  13. WTB Red Cat's Eye Lvl 3/4

    You can't buy Red/Blue Cat under Lv. 5 because there's no way to box them (not sure if the Dragon promo give you a random jewel in the box or the jewel directly.. if it's in the box then you could get lucky I guess).
  14. multi souless

    At lower levels, there are three general types of servitors: melee, ranged and a tanky one. It makes sense and is more efficient to use two of the same time depending on the mobs you're facing and skills of your servitors. When you reach level 100, you will get two additional superior melee and ranged servitors. Historically, summoners could conjure up 4 servitors. Over the years it was reduced to 3 and now 2. If you see anyone running around with more than 2 then they just found a way to beat the system or something bugged out.
  15. abilty points from warrior

    Yes, although at your level you probably won't see a whole lot of difference for the time being. And see this post for more tips. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/13540-ap-setup-em/?do=findComment&comment=96687