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  1. multi souless

    At lower levels, there are three general types of servitors: melee, ranged and a tanky one. It makes sense and is more efficient to use two of the same time depending on the mobs you're facing and skills of your servitors. When you reach level 100, you will get two additional superior melee and ranged servitors. Historically, summoners could conjure up 4 servitors. Over the years it was reduced to 3 and now 2. If you see anyone running around with more than 2 then they just found a way to beat the system or something bugged out.
  2. abilty points from warrior

    Yes, although at your level you probably won't see a whole lot of difference for the time being. And see this post for more tips. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/13540-ap-setup-em/?do=findComment&comment=96687

    Just sharing my experience since I was forced to upgrade to this new launcher the day before. No issues on Windows 10 but the launcher will not run on some older Windows 7 builds. I forgot to take a screenshot unfortunately but all I had to do was update Windows 7 and then it would install (version info now is Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1 Build 7601 SP1). This new launcher was developed using an open source library called CEF but they also used .Net wrappers around it hence the degraded performance which you will definitely notice on older spec'ed machines (have a 2012 laptop with an AMD Brazos APU : S). So maybe try updating your OS if the installer doesn't work or crashes. Have not had any issue with DCs at all since upgrading, laptop is on Wifi and Windows 10 is on LAN. Took this screenshot a few mins ago.
  4. Exalted 5 Alternative Quest Reward

    Ok, thank you!
  5. Exalted 5 Alternative Quest Reward

    Does anyone know if the quest reward for New Way for Pride will also include the Vitality of the Exalted Lv2 spell book? There is an unknown reward mentioned but I want to be sure before starting this Q for my 2 characters.
  6. Live Unscheduled Server Maintenance: Friday, August 23

    If I'm not mistaken it's now every Friday, not every other week like before.
  7. R110 Weapon and Armor Question

    Yup, looked it up. Thanks.
  8. R110 Weapon and Armor Question

    I believe at this time they only drop off dragons.
  9. Hero Channel

    It's really not all that hard. Look, someone even prepares a monthly block list for both Chronos and Naia so depending on when you live..
  10. Client Performance Lost

    @Juji People are noticing it. There's definitely a performance issue with the new patch or some strange new kind of lag happening. Another example, when I land a de-buff like Giant's Critical Weakness, it looks as if the debuff runs out pretty fast and has no effect but it's actually my character not hitting/taking way to long between hits.
  11. Client Performance Lost

    This is pretty bad actually. Was doing Tauti for the first time after the patch and noticed my rate of attack was visually a lot slower and overall DPS dropped tremendously yet Tauti wasn't affected in any way.
  12. ..with the following messages.
  13. Critical errors

    Hmm.. do you recall if you had the Enable GPU option unchecked before the update? This option is permanently enabled now. Open a support ticket I guess.
  14. Bug report: Hero Voice cannot be disabled

    I see, thanks!
  15. Bug report: Hero Voice cannot be disabled

    Umm.. /block <heroname>