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  1. Your first suggestion having been proven only somewhat workable (depending on your server) you've moved on to the next step which contradicts your first post. I'm just wondering if you've actually ever been crit by a magnus? I lost half my health instantly and didn't even have time to figure out where the actual summoner was before I was dead. Even at 80 with top jewels you will still take lots of damage from the pet while the summoner rides off because the pet control range is insane and they can direct their pet to attack while mounted. Bonus points on the off chance you actually manage
  2. That is true and also true is that on my server you'll be PKed within a couple hours of starting. Some nights it's within 30 minutes of even setting up in the zone.
  3. I love how the "solutions" to stupid things in the game like fear or summoners is "wait for the appropiate pay2haveachance event/item to occur so you can drop hundreds in the hopes to get what you need"....
  4. Pretty darn fast based on the few behind the scenes videos I've seen of bot farmer setups. The dude is overly optimistic about everything involved here.
  5. Well the botters and RB farmers will love this.. The rest of us are just screwed by this. Thought I might have a chance to catch up some and be somewhat a factor in sieges and such...
  6. So it seems the actual event is even getting a chance to target the cake to use the item. It's pretty silly when out of three clients I only actually managed to target the cake on one...
  7. Even with macros for targeting the cake and fioti only two of the people in my party actually managed to get anything. The rest never even saw the cake on their screens...
  8. What a mess several people with me never even got a chance to target the cake let alone hit it... Terrible waste of time for so many.
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