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  1. Hunting zone for spoiler (85 - 95)

    Spoil is dead since GoD update, means since Dec 2011. You will not earn any money with this, forget about it ^^
  2. [News] Golden Compass Event

    !!! Event is strictly for a DD classes, and GOOD geared. I mean it, even people with dragon weapons taking hard time there. Now imagine our nc west generic "strong dd" with +12 pve, for example, haha... Nice event, they say.
  3. Tank's equipment for elven farming

    Right. You need strong feohs first(or even stronger archers as addition). Weapon for pve tank is enough apo - 2 SA with HP, better third SA HP too. If your feohs do enough damage, then you can survive in what you said. Again, never join pathetic parties. Make a list of strong feohs/yuls you met in game and avoid weak idiots. General rule: never join elven pt with sumoner/evi/dagger/ or x2 tyrrs. In 99% they are losers who can't afford proper parties. One tyrr is great though, to pull mobs for THREE strong feohs
  4. Salvation - Last Chapter

    Koreans do get updates, but we are not Koreans and thus, future of Lineage 2 NC West is vague. I predict chronos/naia merge soon, and this last one server will exist for ...? We will see.
  5. xp nerfed by 100% at locations like elven village or sea of spores of atelia fortress
  6. New player have questions Please

    Try to join TearsOfAngels clan,. seems friendly and active(u did not say server u are on). And not PRO too much. L2store. Buy event items or party cakes --> sell. Better wait next event for maximum efficiency, but can try now. Party cakes are easy to sell even now.
  7. Gonna be fixed today. Close thread pls.
  8. We need red libra again!

    There is enough tanks/healers, but not everyone wanna join pathetic parties. I can just laugh when I see poor chars gathering for Helios(100% fail chance, why u even try, guys?) or Factions(they may do it, but with pain and a lot of time ;).
  9. Where and why are u gonna transfer?? With classic launch and people leaving a lot - Chronos and Naia will be merged max in few months.
  10. Xincode Error

    Totally not true, Win 7 official support is until Jan 2020, also recent news claim that it might be extended even more ^^
  11. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

    10 hours until x2 exp, if someone still unsure.
  12. classic server skills?

    Move these "classic" mumble into their cage, pls
  13. classic server in 1 year?

    Well, what would you expect. It is pay-to-win from the start, just look at those vip packs, etc. Gamble events incoming Best game here was before free-to-play, I mean not game content and updates, I say in terms of game play and community.
  14. Viola. Spoils already nerfed in this version to the fact that spoilers are useless like in the GoD series you hate that much Also, considering this is NC West - cheaters will roam freely there.
  15. Game Opens to an Exit Button

    You account is not banned obviously, but IP may be... I have same problem through years when I can play game but can not log into website/forums and have to use vpn for this. Sadly NC west does not clearly state this anywhere. For example, it says "something went wrong at our end" when I try to enter with banned ip into account. And then with vpn or from friend pc I can log in safely. Also another ridiculous thing from NC - different blacklists for website and game itself ^^