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  1. 4? You think there's 4? There's at least 40+ now. There aren't thousands, there are hundreds. Just thousands of shops/bots/boxes. I concur with the opening post, I would like NCSoft to look into this, they have just come out of the blue. Yeah plenty of top D's have been introduced. Maybe almost half the server has top D weapons now, so how does that mean people can afford to go to +10 and take the risk. It still doesn't add up
  2. He's right, there's too many of them now floating around, with the rates as they are, there isn't a chance in hell people would be risking it up to +10 already without some illegal activity going on...
  3. How is it possible that after 1-2 days of the Halloween event people have almost 400 candies? There is a shop in Dion currently selling 375 candies. Is this a joke? Even if he boxed multiple account he could have 50-100 max if maybe like 10 boxes? But almost 400? Something just isn't right...
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