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  1. Banned right now, the trend continues Not proud on it
  2. Agree, it definitely got worse instead of better
  3. Please keep me from XPing each and every day Still don't get what you wanted to say, but okay nvm. We all were quite respectful in this thread but thanks for the reminder. Would be nice to not have my box account banned too, as my main, ty Sorry for off-topic, all I wanted to say is "NAIA is not dead!" (yet?)
  4. This is exactly NOT the case, its either you don't know what you're talking about or you are lying on purpose. There were many discussions about this in MAX clanchat. I can assure you MAX strictly keeps neutral clans neutral. Hell, even Nemesiis which were DH pet #1 for many years have been accepted as "neutral" without questions asked after they told us they broke up with DH. Persecution Mania , loving it! Cos you got wrecked multiple times. Hmmm so you wanna say you called DH first, cos you know we'd call MAX later ? Weird and makes no sense at all. A
  5. Oh and to add: I dont wanna say MAX as a clan is a Saint (sure isn't), but there is a strict rule from leadership that MAX does not interfere in any sieges apart from castles MAX owns or DH/Pets have. All neutral castles are NOT touched by MAX and are free for neutral clans to fight for them ! Remember how it was when DH ruled the server? Every single castles was guarded by DH, totally killing the fun for random/small/neutral clans to a point where noone even bothered to go to siege anymore. This is not the case now on NAIA, there can be fun on Siege for EVERY clan that registeres,
  6. Okay I'll not say "all is good", cos yeah there are several problems and most of them NCW could fix easily if they could care, but the game isnt dead at all. At least on NAIA. Yesterday I had 2 hours to play, wanted to farm my last 1% on elven to lvl up. Logged in, completed party, big spot was taken by DH pet clan, we wiped them off the spot and started XP. For the next 30 or 40 min. they came back at 4 or 5 times, bringing more and more ppl. from their clan. They got wiped each time, so they called DH to help. We got wiped by pets + DH. We wanted to go back to fight for spot, b
  7. great post Aelian! Few small things come to my mind: - Mithril Mines daily quest. I think it gave a few millions each day, sure nothing to make you rich, but maybe a little help. I've never done this quest myself so I don't have details. - Hit and Run quest in Raiders Crossroads. For killing a few mobs (maybe some higher lvl can help you) you get a Bloody Eternal Stone that should be worth something between 150 - 200mil. It's a one-time quest. - Later on go Inner/Outer Messiah Citadel, from Gludio. Some of those quests give Mastery Chapter 1 Book, around 800mil. Oh and the
  8. Welcome back to game! Sadly I dont rly remember anything prior to lvl100 so I cannot give you tipps, I hope you'll enjoy the game
  9. Wait 3 months and re-check what you wrote here. Those Pendants are SUPER OP, SUPER expensive, SUPER hard to make. It's the first P2W event on classic, and might well be the worst of all lolz.
  10. This Ozzy is just an imposter, not real Ozzy. Just so you know Mr. Lemming
  11. Just you never joining PVP in NAIA doesn't mean it does not exist lolz. You could have joined MAX or DH before quitting and you'd know better.
  12. Hello everybody, now, since P2W madness has stricken CLASSIC with a lethal blow, here's a little heads up: LIVE Servers will welcome everyone that is unhappy with bots and boring gameplay on Classic, P2W is same on both versions now (as we all knew would happen ofc) , so why not come back to the *REAL* servers and enjoy the *FULL GAME* not just a slow and stripped down version? Welcome back to LIVE !
  13. 6 vs 13, but not zerged. Roflol
  14. wait wait, just so I get what happend here: So NOVA has been totally dominated, badly zerged, crushed CRP wise, they are noobs lmao and also they are NOOOOOOOOOOOOBS. But, they still took Rune?
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