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  1. You cant log in with the same account, so there must be a way to not log in twice to the same server.
  2. You sure there cant be done something like: logging into same server(ex. giran) with 2 clients kicks both out. ? It doesn't have to not launch at the beggining, just when u wanna log into specyfic server. Im pretty sure its possible.
  3. is it good part tho? does it make game good at this point? with so many ppl starting from the bottom, you have so many options to make parties and farm pretty freely. *sigh* it ain't so hardcore with bp on ur back, kittens
  4. @Juji @Hime wanted queue fix? there you go. ban it, boxing aint a part of "Lineage 2 Classic hardcore grind". tf is "hardcore" this way?
  5. 3 options to that: -you gonna wait one more month, people are gonna leave this server, lets by honest. but there gonna be max lvls already, all rb gonna be taken by one clan/pt and so on. -they will make one client per computer, then q gonna be ~1h maybe -they will make another server, another failure with 3k+ boxes since even more ppl will know how to deal with that. is there a hope for actually nice and fair gameplay? I doubt it at this point, I gave up already.
  6. you supposed to need other ppl......... @Juji @Hime isnt it the point? #GM 's speak, make some statement about that topic.
  7. Soon sieges gonna be big box party vs bigger box party. @Juji @Hime answer somehow. Speak ffs. GM's see a problem in boxing or not? Or is it just: "pay the vip, do what you want"?? This server supposed to be "hardcore" yea? So make it that way, make ppl need others, not 4 f-ing boxes. (maybe half of the party finder wont be "wts" "wtb" stuff anymore). Or make some f-ing way of "super" hardcore server, when u cant pull this shit, let the boxers click their way to max lvl on these failures you made already, and make one more for A LOT of ppl that actually think its not right.
  8. there's place for 6k ppl, im sure you gonna find someone for exp party, i logged at 8AM and AC was full of people (and even more boxes) Edit: but well, if situation won't change, theres gonna be 1k real ppl at max, and yea, then u gonna need ur f-ing boxes:)
  9. 3k boxes(or even more) on 6k server is f-ing ridiculous. stop making this server garbage, hardcore grind? then stop letting ppl use 9 f-ing accounts (they even talk about it PROUDLY on global). why tf would you guys though it was a good idea? looking at this makes me sad, jokes on me that i was hyped for that, forgot you can f-ing ruin everything you did good @Hime @Juji
  10. What an F-ing "hardcore" joke. Situation is disrespectful. Gogo afking boxes, make this server die.
  11. start restarting servers to shut down fing box'es accounts. also idk how im supposed to farm 200 iron ore for no grade weapon, when after 2 days only 6 fing droped.
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