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  1. Yea i know but I can't confirm that. Pleas test it yourself. I made a little test by hitting a npc with the same buffs 10 times with ss and 10 times with bss. Average damage ss: 3428 and bss: 4011. So thats 15% difference.
  2. He is totally right about that. I was actually wondering when the first ppl figuered that out. He is not right about the dmg difference though. Soulshots do 15% less dmg than Blessed Soulshots. But still, that is a huge difference. And looking at this server atm this doesnt make sence at all since there is barely anyone playing a figher class in high end pvp. Tbh I expected them to raise the dmg of normal soulshots but they didnt. I made tests before and after the maintenance. So @Juji and @Hime Was that really your intention to nerf every fighter class?
  3. Still not one single answer about the intention of Blessed Soulshot and Spiritshots being removed, autofarm nerf, cutting our income while having no income when hunting at elemental areas and so on and on... Epic.
  4. Having the same problem since the new maintenance. Was running up to 12 clients during the last week without any major problems. Since this maintenance I alrdy had 3 disconnect of 5-10 chars at the same time
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