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  1. what to drop cos they don't have ppl chronos dead.Chronos have 2 clans and million boxes
  2. Did NC soft give me the money for xp rune and other stuff?if I don't buy xp boost war don't kill me nobody make me trouble even NC soft working,now I buy xp rune and stuff NC soft trolling me also gz guys you are the best slowly slowly you pushing me to quit.
  3. lf anyoane to fix the damn login server because nc soft are in holiday, damn ninja update today and again login not work
  4. 100% not working because I try on a friend pc. he still cant make ticket to nc soft from website.he need send mail and pray someoane read it.
  5. Hi we need 105+ eanglish speaking ppl if possible gmt+2 timezone for pvp+pve.For more info mail Snipeer or iThira13 in game.
  6. @juji or @hime why new update ? game still not working are you really trolling uss guys? can I log in today or should I serch for new server ?
  7. Don't worrie I have the same I log I pass servers and menu with pin code show up then cant pass. I wonder if tomorrow I can log here.
  8. can we play this game today ? or nc soft don't have the knowledge to repair this broken servers internet and whatever. I still cant pass the fukin pincode you guys are the best ridiculous team what I ever see in my life. Not insulting but getting sick about everything here.
  9. @Hime you experiencing with my nervs and my money ? maintenance done I try login same shit when pin code requested login server die. I got enough about this bullsh.. realy my free time = my play time. if you cant give uss a normal server wich everything work better close it and wish you the best.
  10. @Hime hwo will pay my lost time? yesterday I cant log,today same. will you ban new countries also ? cos its loocks like you don't like Romanian money anymore even if we buy your nc coin.
  11. you can stop this nab program guys you start it again and not working at all
  12. they need to make cos nc soft its a company hwo need to pay hes employers.second they should care about customers because we keep the servers alive not the boters. Belive me bro never give up, fight till you lose hope but never give up. I am sure they will disappear very sure.
  13. malaca you are full script and useless zerg in all pvp. I saw that Monday in gainak gz for nova and gf cos atleast they played with hands. But when red crest zerg come no time even to go villige so wtf we talk here? instead of talking about mental problems my friend you should take your medicine and learn how to play with hand. Like you said before yes antibot will prove uss hwo disappear and hwo not.
  14. Aizen are you made because probleMs zerg will die w/o bot?
  15. Hime , When the damn security soft start ? I got tired to pvp with bots.
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