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  1. "Unplayable summoners" lol. Even at Skelth you would use spirit sharing only at pvp. And there was no freaking shots until much later... Summoners were fine back then and they are fine right now. Shots for summons are a luxury and they should stay that way.
  2. How did some clans manage to get 5k (or more?) crp just several weeks after launch? iv seen some shouting recruiting that have bonuses of 16% exp?
  3. TP's imo should have costed adena from the very first lvl. After a half a year or so they should have made it free up till 40... While we do get less adena than i remember it was at skelth (EU) when it launched, but we do have an option to have a pretty much free (queues are there, yes, but paying 5$ once for 5 months of vip to login faster than free accounts is minor imo) box to tag along which does help alot and if ur vip u can have even another box. Atm im 43lvl and comparing to what iv had earned at skelth at 51lvl i would say iv nearly got the same here atm that iv did there. So
  4. We need an active GM to do the bot hunt daily, reporting bots via ticket is just too slow and hardly ever bothers to do so. Also being ingame would reduce that adena sale chat spam by a huge margin (just porting from town to town and closing any accounts asap who pm or shout about selling adena, also there is some shops open with those adena sale adds + theres some in LFG also). Again, reporting them via website is just too slow and ineffective - there is a need to have an active GM ingame.
  5. So, how much does this skill cost right now? Seen some conflicting answers, as in at the begining it was 500 crp and now it is 5k? Could someone clarify this, ty.
  6. An active GM would be the best thing against bots imo. Submitting tickets is just too slow.
  7. If you want to report a bot - submit a ticket to support. that bot report button does little.
  8. Its actually simple - go without shots. And i did actually play a summoner up to ~52 (iirc) at skelth (EU), where there was no beast shots at the start to begin with it. Even if there was - i wouldnt be able to use them all the time anyway. Nuking with spells past 40 until they arent efficient, later on switching to melee weapons and just hitting mobs with ur summon. Had no reason to complain since i could grind pretty much non stop without any box (although slow, but still without any stops).
  9. 100% agree with this, need a sub forum for trade & recruitment.
  10. Got my buffer account blocked few hours after it was created (thought at that time both my main and my buffer account got a dc). When i try to login - its fine with my main, but my buffer is blocked. Reached to the support and a bit less than 2 days it was unblocked. The reply from support was: " It appears this account was caught in our regular account security review. After thoroughly reviewing this account, I have decided to remove the block that was placed on it. You may now access our services again. "
  11. Managed to buy it yesterday - worked fine for me.
  12. @Juji When will we be able to buy the launch packs? Still cant find them under the shop.
  13. Played a PS at L2 classic EU when it launched. Was leveling it without any buffers, got it to around 50 or 51. I could pretty much farm none stop without any buffer, so it will be that much more effective if u got 1 I imagine at a higher level u will be able to use those beast shots even if they cost this much (should get a skill to summon them at a lower price later on) and your summon will be hitting for quite a lot. Though at this point u should forget about SS for your pet since you will be broke before you notice it ^^
  14. Same here, getting a DC at peek times.
  15. Would buy the pack as well if it was available.
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